Health Video Advocacy

Health Video Advocacy

The new leader in long-term effects on behavior and opinion, online advocacy networks embody fundamental changes in the way consumers and others investigate and buy goods and services, as well as learn about medical conditions, therapies, and providers.

Health Video Advocacy entails systematic actions to find, develop, organize, and motivate advocates with the impact and reach of both professional and self-capture video. The strategies, skills, tools, and techniques are available, right now. And video provides the power for long-lasting market effects. Now, millions of amateurs have joined the exchange of information, ideas, and experiences – giving the evolving advocacy network ‘conversation’ its explosive growth and power.

almost two-thirds of consumers now search for help from others online before buying


These are the new market movers. Patients, their families and friends, providers, professionals, health activists, experts, information seekers. HealthCosmos, created by Dramatic Health, is just one of its channels for advocacy—and research. A new dimension in online interaction, giving life to shared health knowledge and experience with video and interactive tools.


Our CEO’s fight against cancer both informed and changed our company, as we realized the impact self-captured video can have on the engagement and education of patient audiences. We are evolving the world of health video, providing a platform for audiences to view and interact with our productions by sharing their own experiences with the power of video. The evolution of health video is in all our hands.