Megaphone: Health Video Headlines | Vol. 3, Issue 1


Megaphone: Health Video Headlines | Vol. 3, Issue 1


Pfizer releases The XELJANZ Real Patient Experience Video Series

Pfizer launched The XELJANZ Real Patient Experience video series, a Dramatic Health production, this month. The first story in the series stars Alison, a young mother living with rheumatoid arthritis. Two more patient videos will be released this year. Watch now.


Cyclists refuse to be defined by their diabetes

Novo Nordisk released a promotional new video starring Team Novo Nordisk. The team refuses to let diabetes get in the way of their goals.  Watch now.


Hospital pays tribute to retiring nurse with a touching portrait

Cameras followed Tommy Covington as he bids farewell to his colleagues after serving with them for 46 and half years at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.  Watch now.


Hospital shares their dramatic story in saving a newborn’s life

NewYork-Presbyterian released a new video that chronicles their life saving work when a mother gives birth at 22 weeks while slipping into a coma.  Watch now.


Hospital shares an inspirational success story

Charlotte Cummings received the MitraClip at Northwestern Medicine in Chicago – a minimally invasive procedure to treat severe mitral regurgitation.  Watch now.


“From the Archives” Featured Video

Dramatic Health recently celebrated 10 years of being on YouTube. In order to commemorate this momentous occasion in health video we’re proud to show one of our company’s earliest trailers.


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