Megaphone: Health Video Headlines | Vol. 3, Issue 2


Megaphone: Health Video Headlines | Vol. 3, Issue 2


Bayer launches “Choices for Her,” a social media campaign promoting birth control options

Bayer began the “Choices for Her” campaign, featuring the Real Talk about IUDs video series, produced by Dramatic Health.  The videos star four real women who use IUDs and a young woman who has questions about IUDs. The series aims to help educate women who are interested in other birth control options.

Check out the full social media campaign now. Click here.


Capitalizing on the popular musical, New York hospital shares its connections to Alexander Hamilton

NewYork-Presbyterian hospital published a new video which shows the interesting connection it shares with Alexander Hamilton. Learn about Dr. David Hosack and his role in the famous Hamilton-Burr duel. Watch now.


A young girl receives a life-altering, complex surgery

After a fall, 9-year-old Danica was left with metal rods, which had been implanted years before to stabilize her spine and had broken in the accident, floating dangerously close to her brain stem. Danica and her family traveled from Ohio to Johns Hopkins to receive life-altering, complex reconstruction surgery from Neurosurgical Spine Center Director Nicholas Theodore, M.D.  Watch now.


A man is diagnosed with the same rare disease that ended his first wife’s life

Receiving a diagnosis of Multiple Myeloma is rare. A husband receiving a Multiple Myeloma diagnosis 12 years after his first wife died from the disease is extremely rare. Yet this is what prominent healthcare attorney and avid cyclist Andy Gordon faced in 2009. Mayo Clinic shares his remarkable story.  Watch now.


Pro football Hall of Famer opens up about his two cancer battles

Jim Kelly, Pro Football Hall of Famer, opens up for Merck to discuss his two battles with cancer. He is now a spokesman for “Your Cancer Game Plan,” a campaign by Merck aimed at helping cancer patients.  Watch now.


Featured Video

Dramatic Health had the honor of being present for Exposed: ANAONO for #Cancerland, a revolutionary fashion show during New York Fashion Week which featured real women who’ve had mastectomies.



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