Megaphone: Health Video Headlines | Vol. 3, Issue 3


Megaphone: Health Video Headlines | Vol. 3, Issue 3


Pfizer adds two new stories for The XELJANZ Real Patient Experience Series

Pfizer launched two new patient stories,“Lisa” and “David”, within the XELJANZ Real Patient Experience section of Produced by Dramatic Health, the series is presented in an episodic format.  The productions capture the lives of real patients, their families, and physicians along their journey living with rheumatoid arthritis and finding effective treatment.

The videos are being delivered in an innovative player that delivers the full segment with autoplay functionality between chapters, but also provides viewers the option of selecting specific episodes to view individually. The production style and innovative video framework also ensures the delivery of Important Safety Information (ISI) alongside the videos and in a viewer-friendly manner within each episode.

Check out the full video series now. Click here.


A Parkinson’s patient shares how he lives with the disease

AbbVie published a new video featuring a man who is living with Parkinson’s. Despite the diagnosis he and his wife have decided to be positive and together have learned that the future of the disease is not as bleak as it once was thought to be.  Watch now.


Researchers combine science and therapy to help a paralyzed man make strides

Mayo Clinic published a moving new video featuring a Wisconsin man who became paraplegic after a snow mobile accident. Now, with the help of electric neurological devices implanted into his spine and intense physical therapy, researchers believe that one day he might be able to walk again.  Watch now.


Parents open up about the success of epilepsy care and support available at UCSF

Two families discuss how the Pediatric Epilepsy Center of Excellence helped them when their children were diagnosed with epilepsy.  Watch now.


Pharmaceutical and technology companies collaborate to transform Parkinson’s Disease care

Pfizer and IBM have collaborated to develop remote monitoring solutions that aim to transform Parkinson’s disease care. A new video shows how. Watch now.


Featured Video

Mended Little Hearts – Megan’s Story


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