Megaphone: Health Video Headlines | Vol. 3, Issue 8


Megaphone: Health Video Headlines | Vol. 3, Issue 8

Dramatic Health launches groundbreaking web-series, Unraveling Microcephaly

Dramatic Health is releasing a new series that will help demystify microcephaly. The project is the first international production Dramatic Health has produced, featuring Dr. Sheila Kibrit of APAE Brasil and Dr. Boris Petrikovsky of Garden OB-GYN in New York.

New York hospital announces the launch of its first transgender surgery and psychiatric fellowship

Mount Sinai Hospital published a new video to announce the launch of its first transgender and psychiatric fellowship.  Watch now.


Physicians work on controlling a woman’s seizures to provide her with a normal and active life

Doctors and a patient work together in trying to control her seizures in a new video published by Weill Cornell Medicine.  Watch now.


Doctors use gene-editing to try to cure type 1 diabetes

Doctors at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles use CRISPR and gene editing to develop new ways of treating type 1 diabetes.  Watch now.


Hospital uses Facebook Live to present a patient’s personal story

Hospital for Special Surgery embraces social media and holds a Facebook Live interview with a patient to share her story.  Watch now.


Virtual reality aids in drug discovery

Novartis uses virtual reality tech as way to help in drug discovery. A new video explains how it’s helped the company make breakthroughs.  Watch now.


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