Multi-Mode Video

Combining graphic styles to illuminate therapies, procedures, and more

Immensely effective in making complex matters immediately understandable, Multi-Mode Video combines the power of live interviews, personal stories, close-up procedures, team actions and settings—together with info graphics, including animations, 3D illustrations, graphs, tables, and other graphic vehicles.

Storytelling using all the arts and devices

For example, see and hear the physician explain treatment to a patient—accompanied by animated depictions of just how the therapy or procedure works, and maybe the unfolding stages of improvement, as well. Or see and hear researchers report gains, together with an animated 3D illustration of molecular or genetic action, or of how a device works. Even technical details become a story—leaving a powerful impression.

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A High-Value Medium

Multi-Mode Video is ideal for explaining complex topics, conditions, therapies, or procedures economizing time, covering quickly and efficiently what would take much longer in other media maximizing viewer take-away: assuring grasp of information and impressions reassuring viewers about new or unfamiliar topics, with the authority of informational styles.

Full Guidance and Production

Our experienced team helps identify the best, most cost-effective video mode for your objectives, product, service, and situation.

Our pre-production process lets you visualize the final product.

Production—expert, tightly organized and efficient—is rewarding for participating physicians, patients, staff, and others.

And follow-up monitoring and measuring assures on-target continuity.

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