Ben's Story

More than seven percent of the population ages 18 years and older -- nearly 13.8 million Americans -- have problems with drinking, including 8.1 million people who suffer from alcoholism. Ben used to be one of them. Hear how he beat his addiction.

John's Story - Episode 1

Heroin has often been dubbed as one of the most destructive and painful drug addictions known to man. The difficulty in kicking the habit comes in the forms of severe relapse, grueling withdraw symptoms, and even death. Meet John, a former addict that tells his side of the story and explains the lengths he went to to get his next high.

Bruno's Story

Meet Bruno, a college student that was recently arrested for drug charges. Rather than being locked up and reprimanded, Bruno was given the chance to seek counseling and fix his addictive habits. He shares his gratitude for the treatment and has walked away a better person from it. Embracing his problems, Bruno is now on a proactive path to pursue the constructive ambitions in his life. This is Bruno's story.

Rick's Story - Episode 1

Do you think that a person can survive the shot from a nail gun to the brain? Believe it or not, but in Rick's case, he lived to tell the tale. This is his miraculous story of both his survival, and one of the clearest examples of a modern miracle known to man.

Jeffrey's Story - Episode 1

Sex addiction has long be viewed as a fake affliction, or even laughable in some circles. Others feel that is does not exist and that it's just an excuse for guys to "have fun." Meet Jeffrey, a gay sex addict from New York City. In this remarkable first episode of two, he discusses how he came to be a sex addict, and how it affected his life.

Jeffrey's Story - Episode 2

In this second episode of two in a series on sex addiction, Jeffrey talks about what finally set him over the edge, and what made him realize that he needed to get help to overcome his addiction. He also gives wise words to anyone overcoming any type of addiction, longing to live a better life.

Ricky's Story

Meet Ricky aka "True Story", a Rastafarian living in New York City. Devastated after watching his mother pass away, Ricky soon began hearing voices in his head. His addiction has left him on the streets, but his journey is far from over.