Karen's Story

In this episode, Karen shares her experience with an HPV diagnosis. She talks about the importance of practicing safe sex and the need to get yearly check ups. This is Karen's story.

Oral Sex and HPV

How do know when that little white spot on your gum is a sign of something more serious, like oral cancer? In this episode Dr. Korneeva, breaks down the signs and symptoms of oral HPV, oral cancer, and what you should do in the event of an oral emergency; this one is not for the faint of heart.

A Tragic Beginning - Evan's Story

"I participated in killing my father." These were the words that Evan, a psychotherapist who has suffered from anger management, said after realizing that his words could have fatal consequences; this was only the beginning.

A Moment of Clarity - Evan's Story

"...anger is just a big front for fear of that hurt coming back that we felt when we were younger." These thoughts, along with a life altering moment of clarity, were the impetus that Evan needed to seek help for controlling his anger.

Cervical Cancer and HPV

How do you know when your HPV has progressed into something more serious? In this episode OBGYN Dr. Korneeva, takes us through the signs & symptoms of cervical cancer as they relate to untreated high risk HPV; you will not want to miss this one.

HPV and Pregnancy

Is it possible to healthily deliver a baby to term while having HPV, and what, if any are the complications of being pregnant with HPV? In this episode OBGYN Dr. Korneeva, provides us with the answers, which may surprise you.

Treating Cervical Cancer

Human papillomavirus that belongs to the high risk group causes cervical cancer, but what's next? What can you do after you've been diagnosed with cancer? In this episode, Dr. Korneeva takes us through the best and worst case scenarios of a cervical cancer diagnosis.

HPV Transmission & Prevention

Sex is an essential part of life, but what can you do to protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases like HPV? In this episode Dr. Korneeva, an OBGYN, discusses the essentials when it comes to the spread of and prevention of HPV.

High Risk Groups for HPV

What can be done to prevent high risk HPV from turning into cervical cancer? The answer may surprise you, and OBGYN Dr. Korneeva, is here to let you in on the secret.

Watchful Waiting

"The key in watchful waiting is not waiting, it's watchful intervention." Dr. Tewari, of the Dept. of Urology at New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center, discusses the fact that surgery and immediate treatment for prostate cancer patients is not the optimal choice for certain prostate cancer patients.

Lessons to Live By - Evan's Story

When did Evan realize that his anger had escalated into something beyond his control, and how did eventually end up on this road to recovery through helping other men? Find out, as Evan shares the secrets towards discovering and solving your anger and rage problems.

Lauren's Story: Episode 2

After seeing a therapist, Lauren finally discovered what was different about her. She talks about the importance of medication and what ultimately helped her get her life back on track. Do you have frequent mood swings? Maybe there is more to it.

Leslie's Story

Dealing with divorce can be extremely difficult for anyone, especially the children that often times feel the brunt of the situation. In this episode, Leslie talks about some of the pros and cons of having several therapists as a child.

Jennifer's Story

If you ever felt depressed, listen to Jennifer's story and advice for you. Watch her speak about the ways she deals with her depression and how it helps her.

Justin's Story - Episode 2

There's nothing that can replace a loved one, but there are many ways to move on and live your life. Watch the second episode of Justin and how he's coped with losing his parents at such a young age.

Zainab's Story

"During my menstrual period I noticed I lost more blood than usual..." Find out what other symptoms this star Rutger's athlete had and what alternatives she took to overcoming this common blood disorder.

Julia's Story

Pressured, stressed, doing too many things at once. This is Julia's story. During her first year at college Julia's schedule was a mix of sports, education, and social outings. Soon she began to start having heavy anxiety to the point of becoming physically ill. Watch and learn how she coped with anxiety and the pressures of doing a lot at once.

Chanel's Story

There is a common misconception that seeking therapy or medication for a mental illness, makes you weak, or less of a person. Chanel, who suffered from depression brought on from the death of loved one, completely bought into that mentality, until she decided to face her fears and seek help; this is her inspiring story.

George's Story

"I just try to be careful and accept that there is some pain in my life...I reckon that's what life is like." Aging is something we all face, but it's up to us to decide how we want to deal with it. George talks about how he copes with aging.

Zachary's Story

Despite the isolation that comes with radiation treatment for papillary thyroid cancer, Zachary was lucky enough to have the support of a loving girlfriend to get him through, proving that love does conquer all, even cancer.

Shaping your Ideal Nose

A rhinoplasty, more commonly known as a nose job, is one of the more popular forms of plastic surgery available, but how do the surgeons who perform this procedure feel about it. According to Dr. Philip Miller, a cosmetic surgeon who practices in Manhattan, rhinoplasty is one of his favorite operations. Watch and see what Dr. Miller has to say about the collaborative nature that goes into allowing a rhinoplasty to be both rewarding for the surgeon and the patient.

Consulting a Speech Pathologist

"I do think it's generally a good idea in older children to at least have a speech pathology evaluation before surgery." Doctor Stewart, Otorhinolaryngologist-in-chief at New York Presbyterian Hospital, recommends that children have a speech pathology evaluation as it can determine when (or whether) surgery is needed.

Alternative Therapies for MS

Watch doctor and patient discuss alternative treatments for ms, and the role of rehabilitation and physical therapy in Multiple Sclerosis