Nadine's Story

In this episode, Nadine talks about her sudden realization to live a fuller and healthier life. With the help of a weight loss program, Nadine has a better understanding of not only her body, but also her mind. This is her story.

Leslie's Story

Dealing with divorce can be extremely difficult for anyone, especially the children that often times feel the brunt of the situation. In this episode, Leslie talks about some of the pros and cons of having several therapists as a child.

Roles and Responsibilities of Siblings

Sibling rivalry and jealousy around diabetes can be difficult to manage as a parent. How do you provide equal attention to each of your children when one has a condition that needs constant management? Watch now to learn the solutions these real families came up with.

Developing a Healthy Diet Strategy

"I felt like I could potentially feed him something that could shoot him sky high and...felt like that would be my fault." As a parent, feeding a child with diabetes can be a stressful task. However, many parents have found ways to make feeding their families affected by diabetes a positive experience. Watch more to find out how.

Fear and Learning to Live with the Diagnosis

When a child is first diagnosed with diabetes, families often become overwhelmed and fearful of how it will affect their lives. However, there comes a time when the fear must be overcome. These are the stories of real families who overcame the initial shock of the diagnosis, and found ways to move forward and learn to live with diabetes.

Needle Phobia - Overcoming the Fear

Fear of needles is very common, especially among children. However, in the life of a child with diabetes, insulin injections suddenly become a part of every day life. The thought daily needle injections can be very intimidating to both the child and the parent. These families were able to quickly overcome any needle phobias by creating their own routines. Watch now.

Avoiding Triggers

Dr. Stephen Teach, a pediatrician in Emergency Medicine at the Children's National Medical Center in Washington DC, discusses the importance of avoiding triggers that can set off an asthma attack in children. What steps should be taken to finding out what triggers a child's asthma and how to avoid setting it off? It is imperative that parents and family members really try and modify the environment where the child lives to keep asthma flare ups at a minimum.

Preventing Attacks

Dr. Stephen Teach, a pediatrician in Emergency Medicine at the Children's Medical Center in Washington DC, talks about how most asthma attacks are preventable. Children do not need to suffer fatalities from asthma attacks, or even need to visit emergency rooms with frequency, if they are recipients of good preventative ongoing care.

How Diabetes Overwhelms Families

When it comes to pediatric diabetes, a diagnosis is not only received by the child, but by his or her entire family. While being diagnosed with diabetes can be overwhelming and cause a range of emotions, every family is different in how they react. Watch to learn how these families reacted to their child's diagnosis, and how it affected them.

Empowerment and Self-Management

While the initial shock of having a child diagnosed with diabetes can cause feelings of guilt, shame, and fear, the reality is that this is something that can be managed. Parents learn to make changes for the better, not only for their child with diabetes, but for the entire family. Watch now to see how these families took a diagnoses, and turned it into means for empowerment.

Lian's Story

At the of age 7, Lian was diagnosed with the third most common type of cancer in children, Lymphoma. Listen to her powerful story as she reveals how she underwent chemotherapy to cure her cancer. You can only stay positive after listening to her story.

Nasadio's Story

A young clinician from New Mexico explains the dangers of neglecting children's dental health, and stresses the importance of education.

Catalina's Story

If you ever wondered what it would be like to never eat meat again, meet Catalina. She's a vegetarian who has been raised this way since birth.

Garden OBGYN Welcome Video

Imagine being the most integral part of the miracle of childbirth, after, of course, the mother herself. Imagine being an Obstetrics and Gynecology (OBGYN) doctor. In their field, Dr. Michael Terrani and his colleagues have become more than just patient-care physicians; they are key players in the creation of individual’s families.

Tricia's Story

In an ideal pregnancy, the developing baby stays in the mother's womb full term. But what happens when special circumstances arise and this is no longer possible? The importance of an experienced and trustworthy OBGYN is suddenly never the more important. Take it from Tricia.

Five Amazing Children

Tricia didn't necessarily plan on having a large family, but she considers her now five-member brood a blessing after the slew of unplanned difficulties during her first pregnancy.

Choosing The Right Doctor

With twins on the way and a history of short-term pregnancy, Tricia needed the best of the best as her OBGYN. She knew she'd found it when she met Dr. Terrani.

Prevention Is Everything

Dr. Terrani describes his job as preventing premie-baby disaster, as was the case with Tricia’s unborn children. His methods involve a little something called "cerclage."


Nothing but successfully-proven practices will do when the final goal is to deliver healthy, full-term babies. Dr. Terrani adheres to what he’s found to work in the past.

One Goal

Dr. Terrani's meticulous monitoring isn't just about building a patient-physician bond, it's about potentially saving a life.

Alison's Story

When she needed extra care with her pregnancy, Alison teamed with the Dr. Terrani prenatal plan on the basis of trust, honesty, and assurance. Three healthy, preterm children later, the success of their patient-physician relationship is steadfast.

Starting a Family

Starting a family is not always as simple as it may seem, as Alison was soon to realize. When having children proved more difficult than she had initially anticipated, her prenatal care plan became everything.

Room Full of Smoke

When preeclampsia becomes part of Alison’s pregnancy, Dr. Terrani is ready with a plan. It’s in such circumstances that the OBGYN garners the trust of his patients to make the smart, but sometimes tough decisions.

History Repeats Itself

Lightening may not strike twice in the same spot, but preeclampsia can. Dr. Terrani’s careful monitoring suddenly proves irreplaceable.


Healthy, happy mothers and babies—that’s what everyone involved in the pregnancy, birth, and aftercare process wants. So when certain post-delivery routines prove to save women and infants’ lives, they surely become worth implementing.