lung cancer

Jason's Quest to Quit Smoking

Meet Jason, a college student who has been smoking since the beginning of his adolescence. After becoming aware of the health risks smoking cigarettes can cause he has discovered ways of breaking the habit. Find out what these methods are.

Irmgard's Story: Episode 1

After catching pneumonia, Irmgard was hospitalized and treated. Soon afterwards x-rays revealed something more serious happening, and that this was going to be the beginning of an ongoing battle with cancer.

Irmgard's Story: Episode 2

In this episode, Irmgard talks about the difficult processes & side-effects of going through chemotherapy and radiation. Though her struggle is not over, Irmgard remains positive and hopeful & is an inspiration to anyone struggling from this affliction.

Miguel's Resolution: Quitting Cigarettes

Are you addicted to smoking cigarettes and you have tried desperately to quit, but nothing seems to work? Meet Miguel, a 30 yr. old dancer who has decided on a New Year's Resolution to change his life. Watch and see the advice that Dr. Jessica Israel, a doctor of Internal Medicine at Monmouth Medical Center in New Jersey, gives Miguel to help him overcome his addiction to nicotine.