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Whitney's Story

Running often has a negative connotation associated with it. People view it as either too difficult, as having potential hazardous effects to the body, or both, but Whitney is here to settle the score. Watch as she describes how running has changed her life for the better; this is her story.

Facebook and Depression

Have you ever noticed that after logging in a few hours on Facebook, you begin to doubt your own self-worth and compare yourselves to others? Is Facebook at fault for creating these feelings? Jasmin Terrany, LMHC, believes that Facebook has a lot to do with how we view ourselves in comparison to those around us, and the advice she gives is beneficial in helping to banish those feelings.

Embracing Sadness

Sadness can be an overwhelming emotion that's hard to control, and learning how to deal with it in a constructive way rather than in a destructive manner is hard to master. Jasmin Terrany, LMHC, is here to better educate you on the best ways to embrace your sadness, rather than rejecting it.

Prevalence of Depression in the Population

One common belief among people who are depressed is that they are alone. Well, Dr. Fieve, author of the recently published book "Bipolar Breakthrough," is here to settle the score, and show you that more people are out there suffering in silence than you think.

Deciding when Antidepressants Could Help

When is the right time to consider adding antidepressants to your treatment plan for depression? In this episode Dr. Ronald R. Fieve, head of the Fieve Depression Center, located at 952 Fifth Avenue in New York City, is here to give you the courage to take charge of your mental health.

Entire Spectrum of Treatment

After you have been diagnosed as having depression, what happens next? In this episode Dr. Ronald R. Fieve, author of the recently published book "Bipolar Breakthrough," takes us through the entire of range of treatment options when it comes to treating depression.

If You Want Breast Reconstruction

If you're still on the fence about reconstructive surgery after a mastectomy, let the ladies of SHARE tell you their positive experiences of rebuilding themselves after fighting breast cancer.

Recognizing the Signs of Suicide

How can you tell when a person has gone from being deeply depressed to being suicidal, and why are some people more predisposed to suicidal depression than others? Dr. Ronald R. Fieve, head of the Fieve Depression Center, located at 952 Fifth Avenue in New York City, has the answers which will surprise you.

Positive Reinforcement & Overeating

Do you ever feel that you chastise yourself after finishing an entire bag of potato chips in one sitting, but don't know how to stop the self-judgment that comes from overeating? Jasmin Terrany, LMHC, is here to help, and the solution is a lot simpler than you think.

Life Therapy Series: Love Tank Theory

How can learning to love and appreciate yourself stop you from overeating, and why is it easier said than done? In this episode, Jasmin Terrany, LMHC, takes us through what she refers to as "The Love Tank Theory", and the simple steps that you can take to stop overeating and work on what's inside.

Overeating When Bored

Why is it that we often are the most likely to grab a snack out of the refrigerator when we have nothing to do? In this episode, Jasmin Terrany, LMHC, answers that exact question, and explains why we often overeat when we are bored.

Ending a Relationship

Have you ever realized that the person you are with may not be the one, but you are too scared of the emptiness that comes with being alone to really do something about it? Let Jasmin Terrany, LMHC, give you the courage that you need to end a relationship.

Improving Your Mood Naturally

What's the difference between emotional eating and eating to boost your mood? Nutritionist at Just For Today LLC, Lana Levy, MS, RYT, explains how to boost your mood naturally, and it doesn't involve stuffing your face with comfort food.

Caregiving for Alzheimer's - Debbie's Story

Debbie Mandel, a stress management expert, discusses the important lessons that a care giver should know when they are taking care of a loved one who is suffering from Alzheimer's disease. It is important to remember to enjoy the everyday little blessings that you share, and find to happiness in everything that you do. "Carpe diem," seize the moment and the day, because the moment is all that we have.

Caregiving Advice for Alzheimer's

Debbie Mandel, a stress management expert, gives advice to those who are care givers for someone suffering from Alzheimer's disease. Alzheimer's is a disease that not only affects the person who is suffering from it, but also affects the people who are in their lives. So in order for a caregiver to keep their life in focus and not get lost in care giving, it is important to remember to nurture your own individuality. Laughter is nature's best medicine after all.

Anthony's Story

Plagued by a traumatic loss at an early age, Anthony struggles with a disorder that continually affects his life. Do you have anxiety? Do you suffer from depression? Listen to Anthony as he explains the importance of seeking help.

Lauren's Story: Episode 1

Many people go several years without diagnosing common conditions. Growing up, Lauren always knew there was something quite different about her. Her moods were rapidly fluctuating and interfering with her personal life. She opens up about her diagnosis.

Lauren's Story: Episode 2

After seeing a therapist, Lauren finally discovered what was different about her. She talks about the importance of medication and what ultimately helped her get her life back on track. Do you have frequent mood swings? Maybe there is more to it.

Brandy's Story

After a painful breakup, Brandy became despondent and depression began to set in. But she finally found a way to pick herself up again. There are many forms of therapy for aiding depression. Brandy found her form. This is her story.

Ally's Story

There are many types of yoga that one can practice. Watch Ally talk about one type of yoga called Bikram yoga, where you exercise in a heated room. Listen to her and some of the benefits she get's out of doing it.

Jeffrey's Story - Episode 2

In this second episode of two in a series on sex addiction, Jeffrey talks about what finally set him over the edge, and what made him realize that he needed to get help to overcome his addiction. He also gives wise words to anyone overcoming any type of addiction, longing to live a better life.

Camille's Story - Episode 1

Do you often find that your emotions are hard to control and regulate, and you feel the need to overemphasize your feelings in order to be noticed? Most people would think that this classifies themselves as having bipolar disorder, but that might not be the case. Meet Camille, she suffers from Borderline Personality Disorder; this is her story.

Chanel's Story

There is a common misconception that seeking therapy or medication for a mental illness, makes you weak, or less of a person. Chanel, who suffered from depression brought on from the death of loved one, completely bought into that mentality, until she decided to face her fears and seek help; this is her inspiring story.

Rudy's Story

Many practitioners stress the importance of getting out every now and then to facilitate your health and vitality. Hear it first from Rudy, a New Yorker who is a true believer that a little fresh air can make the difference for your well being.

Timothy's Story

Imagine waking up from a coma to find out that your mother has died, and that your eight year marriage is now over. For Timothy, he had a choice; wallow in depression or rise above. By choosing the latter, his message is a unique one, inspiring others to persevere despite the circumstances.

Ricky's Story

Meet Ricky aka "True Story", a Rastafarian living in New York City. Devastated after watching his mother pass away, Ricky soon began hearing voices in his head. His addiction has left him on the streets, but his journey is far from over.

Miguel's Story

If you feel you are different, if you feel that you are weird, you're not." Miguel tells us about his relationship with his own sexuality and being gay. Miguel talks about how overlooked safe sex is and how the repercussions of not being safe can really affect the rest of your life.

Jantina's Story

"I got to the point where I couldn't even function in public." In this episode, Jantina shares a very personal story about the travesties she experienced while being in an abusive relationship for three years. Fortunately, she was able to seek therapy and other alternatives to help get her life back on track. This is her story.

John's Story

First comes love then comes marriage, we all know the rest of the rhyme, but when it comes to love, which comes first? Friends, lovers, or nothing? Meet John, a self-proclaimed relationship guru, whose wise words can impact anyone's love-life for the better; this is his story.