Multiple Sclerosis

Mystery Diagnosis

MRIs, MRAs, blood tests, and more—it takes a handful of procedures, hours of time and a tactful team to properly diagnose Multiple Sclerosis. Dr. Konstantin Balashov explains why patients often hear false diagnoses before finding out they have this mysterious disease.

MS & Relationships

"There is always a question of whether you should share your disease with friends," says Dr. Konstantin Balashov, Harvard Medical School Fellow and MS Researcher. The answer to that question, however, depends on the individual. Watch as a real MS patient shares her story of managing MS and it's affect on her personal relationships.

Primary Symptoms of MS

Harvard Medical School Fellow and MS Researcher, Dr. Konstantin Balashov, discusses the primary symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis. Watch now to hear from an expert, and a real life MS patient, of what how symptoms of MS can present themselves, and when it's time to see a doctor.

Joy's Story

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is the most common, disabling, neurological condition, to affect adults in the world today. Rather than losing hope after a close neighbor died from the very same condition, Joy's family helped her to regain the will to live.

Meet Deirdre

Meet Deirdre--salon and spa employee, mother, friend, New Jerseyan, and a Multiple Sclerosis patient. Deidre and her doctor, MS specialist Konstantin Balashov, paint us a picture of what being diagnosed with this autoimmune disease means to an individual.

Pregnancy and MS

Multiple Sclerosis and pregnancy on their own are difficult enough on the body, but Deidre Locascio had to balance both at once. The next nine months were “anything but normal,” she explains.

Treatments for MS

There is no cure for Multiple Sclerosis at this time, but there are eleven treatments on the market proven to keep the disease at bay. Dr. Konstantin Balashov breaks them down for us.

Choosing the Right Treatment for MS

Treatment for MS isn’t to be taken lightly. Multiple Sclerosis medication is often a trial and error process until the right balance for each individual patient is found.

Your Physician and MS

Trust between the doctor and patient is of utmost important. Hear Multiple Sclerosis patient Deidre Locascio’s story of how taking action to find the right physician just may have saved her.

Coping with MS

There’s no one way to live with MS as each patient’s situation is unique. Nonetheless, almost all Multiple Sclerosis sufferers can benefit from these tried and proven coping aids. Here’s a hint--they come from the heart!

Alternative Therapies for MS

Watch doctor and patient discuss alternative treatments for ms, and the role of rehabilitation and physical therapy in Multiple Sclerosis

Meet Dr. Balashov

One of the top Multiple Sclerosis experts in the country, Dr. Balashov has dedicated his life helping the 400,000 people in the United States struggling to live a normal life in spite of their disease.

What is MS?

Allow Dr. Balashov to break down the anatomy of the autoimmune disease known as Multiple Sclerosis. From causes to symptoms to treatment, every part is as important as the other.

Types of MS

Types of MS: One size does not fit all, even when it comes to Multiple Sclerosis. Each patient's situation is unique, and thus proper diagnosis and follow-up is key.

Diagnosing MS: The Importance of MRI

Diagnosing MS: Complete diagnostic criteria for Multiple Sclerosis relies on an MRI scan. Without this technology, Dr. Balashov admits that our handling of the disease would be much less progressive.

Hope and MS

Hope and MS: have made outstanding advancements in understanding and treating Multiple Sclerosis over the last decade The best news of all? Greater developments are being made each day.

Risk Factors of MS

Risk Factors of MS: There are genetic and epistemological factors that may lead to Multiple Sclerosis, though there's no single leading cause. Dr. Balashov explains.