Understanding Gout

If your big toe was ever in a lot pain, red, and swollen, you may have a gout on your toe. Dr. John Brummer of the American Society of Podiatric Society discusses what causes gouts and how they are treated.


Gangrene can not only effect your limbs but also you genitalia also caused by various reasons. Dr. Franklin Lowe, MD MPH, Professor of Clinical Urology, Columbia University, explains in detail the some extreme cases of gangrene in the male genitalia.

John's Story - Episode 1

Heroin has often been dubbed as one of the most destructive and painful drug addictions known to man. The difficulty in kicking the habit comes in the forms of severe relapse, grueling withdraw symptoms, and even death. Meet John, a former addict that tells his side of the story and explains the lengths he went to to get his next high.

John's Story - Episode 2

Part two of this story continues as John reflects on his prison life and how the importance of having structure for the first time in his life has helped him beat his addiction. Though in a tough spot, John remains positive as he strives to improve all aspects of his life and discover a path of health and happiness. This is John's story.

Nicole's Story - Episode 1

Have you ever heard of Fibroids? If so, do you know how they affect a woman's life? Listen to Nicole as she talks about her battle with having fibroids and how she dealt with the constant bleeding and always feeling uncomfortable.

Nicole's Story - Episode 2

In part two of Nicole's story she tells us about the surgical procedure she went through to remove fibroids and how a sense of community can help you get through any hardship.

Eric's Story

Anyone who has ever set foot into a forest knows about it. However for Eric, it is his worst nightmare. He shares his frustration about his heightened sensitivity to this natural irritant and his methods for fighting it off. This is his story.

Zainab's Story

"During my menstrual period I noticed I lost more blood than usual..." Find out what other symptoms this star Rutger's athlete had and what alternatives she took to overcoming this common blood disorder.

Emergency Medications

Dr. Stephen Teach, a pediatrician in Emergency Medicine at the Children's National Medical Center in Washington DC, describes what families of children suffering from asthma should do in an emergency situation, such as if a child has a severe asthma attack after changes have already been made for the better in a child's life. Watch and see, as he describes the two things to do in order to calm down inflammation of the airways, stop the asthma attacks, and allow for your child to breathe easier once again.

Finding the Right Medication

Dr. Stephen Teach, a pediatrician in Emergency Medicine at the Children's National Medical Center in Washington DC, discusses how he chooses the right asthma medication for each child. He reveals that the process is one of collaboration between the family of the child, the doctor, and the child's individual circumstances itself. Essentially, asthma medications fall into two broad categories, but the correct way to prescribe that medicine is all dependent upon the child.

Emergency Situations

Dr. Stephen Teach, a pediatrician in Emergency Medicine at the Children's Medical Center in Washington DC, discusses what he and his medical staff do in emergency asthma attack situations. When a child rushes into an emergency room, and in the most severe cases begins to turn blue because of the lack of oxygen to the brain, what is a pediatric asthma expert to do? Find out in this gripping account on what Dr. Teach and his team face when dealing with severely asthmatic children.

Will's Story

Will from NYC shares his experiences growing up with eczema. He explains how the skin disease affected his social life at college.

Arnold's Story

After feeling lethargic and tired all the time, Arnold decided to see what the problem was. It turns out his hyperparathyroid was producing too much calcium and his doctors suggested he have them removed. But did the surgery really help?

Sydnee's Story

In this episode, Syndee talks about some of the strange symptoms she was experiencing for several months on end. Her doctor was able to detect a goiter in her neck which is indicative of hyperthyroidism. Syndee explains her future plans for treatment.

Liat's Story

Watch as Liat explains what exactly hypothyroidism is and how it hindered her social life when she was younger. Learn how she finally got the proper diagnosis and overcame her condition.

Kathy's Story

For 15 years Kathy has been living with Hypothyroidism. Only until recently the goiter in her neck has began to grow and cause a great deal of concern. In this episode, Kathy talks about her affliction and explains how she keeps her symptoms at bay.

Jill's Story

Meet Jill, a college student who was recently diagnosed with IBS. In this episode, Jill talks about some of the psychological affects that go along with this intestinal disease. Through talking to people she was able to seek treatment that would not only help her physically but emotionally as well. This is Jill's story.

Understanding Kidney Stones

Do you feel a pain in your back that makes it uncomfortable to sleep? Does that pain travel down your body as you pump fluids into your system to try and feel better? You may have a kidney stone and not realize it. Dr. Joseph Del Pizzo, an Assistant Professor of Urology and the Director of Laparoscopic Surgery at New York Presbyterian Hospital Weill Cornell Medical Center, discusses the characteristics of kidney stone pain.

Daniel's Story

"They call it the kissing disease, even though that isn't the only way you can catch it." Meet Daniel, who after contracting mono twice during his college years, decided to use his diagnosis as a blessing in disguise, proving that mono isn't necessarily a bad thing; this is his story.

Unexpected Diagnosis: Zachary's Story

Being 17 is hard enough, now throw cancer into the mix. For Zachary, who was diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer during his senior year of high school, this was his reality as he juggled treatment, radiation therapy, and isolation. This is his story.

Zachary's Story

Despite the isolation that comes with radiation treatment for papillary thyroid cancer, Zachary was lucky enough to have the support of a loving girlfriend to get him through, proving that love does conquer all, even cancer.

Uncommon Symptoms

Not all infections of the genitalia are STD related. Dr. Franklin Lowe describes some cases in which uncommon symptoms of other disorders showed up in the genitals. This video contains explicit content.

William's Story

William explains the circumstances surrounding a winter accident that left him with a gash requiring several stitches. Learn how he overcame his fears of stitches and found help in an unlikely place.

Annie's Story - Symptoms and Diagnosis

Meet Annie, an ovarian cancer survivor. In this episode, Annie recalls the initial symptoms that led to her diagnosis of ovarian cancer.
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