Manny's Story

Meet Manny, a college student that used to suffer from a common degenerative bone disease. There are two options available to fix this condition. Find out what which one Manny chose and why? This is his story.

Gina's Story: Episode 1

Part 1 of this story begins as Gina recounts a time when her pediatrician overlooked the tell tail signs of scoliosis of her spine. It wasn't until the age of 17, when Gina was finally diagnosed and able to begin correcting the disorder.

Gina's Story: Episode 2

In this episode, Gina talks about alternatives to surgery for her Scoliosis. She brings up three methods of therapy that have helped her out over the years.

Marianne's Story

Meet Marianne, a college student that has struggled with scoliosis for most of her young life. Being a full time student and having to carry books and laptops around hasn't helped her condition in the least, but she has discovered ways to stay active and keep the condition from disabling her. This is Marianne's story.