Health Video Marketing & Productions

It’s about having a strategy, not just a video

Accelerated by tablet computing, smart phones, and smart wear, video is the century’s most powerful medium. For over a decade we have been leading and evolving the health video discipline.

We translate research and client objectives into dramatic qualities that reach and impact the behaviors of targeted viewing audiences


Strategic Mindset

Video: superior message communication, audience engagement, and message recall

High quality, well-researched videos reaching audiences through desktop, mobile, streaming, and television channels

Maximum effect through multiple distribution channels

Research Driven

Subjects and stories that align with customer research and reveal key messages within compelling and memorable storylines

Search query data leading to health topic selections

Art of Storytelling

Engaging audiences emotionally and intelectually—to inspire action

Experiences and stories that engage consumers caregivers/educators, pharmacists and physicians

Patient and physician stories that educate and inspire consumers searching for answers to their health questions

Results Oriented

Videos that maximize production budgets

Search optimization and higher indexes and ranking

Medical, Legal, and Regulatory Approval Expertise

100% MLR Approval Rate

Creating and exporting of best practice documents across organizations and brands

Innovating Clinical Education

Video case studies showcasing the patient and physician perspective in an educational and entertaining format

A webpage with a video is 53 times more likely to be on the first page of search results.


–Forester Research

It’s not just about having a video, it’s about having a health video marketing strategy

Converging social media and premier health video, we help clients reach their target audiences with greater impact and results. Schedule a consultation with our video strategy team today.

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The Dramatic Health Video Marketing Strategy Workshop™

What you’ll learn

  • Preproduction and production processes of premier video productions
  • Anchoring video series topics and formats in your goals and objectives
  • eROI and KPI based production decision-making
  • Reaching your target audiences through health video syndication and distribution marketing strategies
  • The role of customer submitted videos alongside premier productions
  • Video asset management and video advocacy applications
  • Video embedded surveys and pop-up call to action banners
  • The critical role of video data collection and viewer analysis
  • eROI and KPI based production decision-making
  • Monthly results reporting

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Dramatic Health was founded on the opportunity to converge behavioral health science with storytelling. The dramatic arc is the wireframe of all our productions.




Dramatic Health creates authentic, indigenous productions capturing story lines based on research. We have on staff a multicultural creative and strategic team so that we can capture these stories authentically and in their language. No voice over, no closed captioning.

No deje que la angina de pecho controle su vida!

The Hablemos de Corazón multicultural series has been produced as a Spanish language extension of the Webby award winning  Speak from the Heart Series in over 3 major cities in the US. Evolving from multicultural preproduction best practice, this series reflects subject selections, storyline themes, cinema vertié, and an overall production treatment determined through multicultural patient population research in the US. The Spanish-speaking writers, interviewers and film editors for the campaign are members of Dramatic Health’s indigenous, multicultural film team.