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Focused expert partners with unparalleled experience and results in health video earned over 15 years alongside brands, their agencies, and their MLR teams across nearly every disease and condition.

We produce Evidence-Based Video™, incorporating behavioral health science, emotional research, the art and science of documentary film making, and social media insights from multiple brand engagements with leading platforms.

Through our integrated, turn-key approach, we make health video more impactful and our clients’ lives easier from patient recruitment through measurements and optimization across every video platform.

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Multicultural Health Video

Indigenous, Authentic Video Productions

No deje que la angina de pecho controle su vida!

Dramatic Health creates authentic, indigenous productions capturing story lines based on research. We have on staff a multicultural creative and strategic team so that we can capture these stories authentically and in their language. No voice over, no closed captioning.

The Hablemos de Corazon multicultural series has been produced as a Spanish language extension of the Webby award winning Speak from the Heart Series in over 3 major cities in the US. Evolving from multicultural

preproduction best practice, this series reflects subject selections, storyline themes, cinema vertie, and an overall production treatment determined through multicultural patient population research in the US. The Spanish-speaking writers, interviewers and film editors for the campaign are members of Dramatic Health’s indigenous, multicultural film team.


We’ve conducted and curated thousands of unbranded videos of interviews with patients and those who care for them into an extensive, searchable library of videos you can license, for immediate help with research, meetings, or training session.