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We deliver unprecedented educational impact through narrative, immersive storylines.

Our branded and unbranded video productions are tailored for multiple distribution channels and the audiences that demand short, engaging stories they learn from and trust.

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A Dramatic Health video is designed to elicit emotion, inspire action and generate measurable results. Real people, real stories, and innovative formats activate, engage, and educate audiences in ways that go well beyond words and pictures alone. Great health content is video—and we are leading the way for top healthcare organizations.

DHI’s branded consumer series captured 6 minutes of view time versus an average view time of less than 3 minutes for all other website sections.

DHI’s branded HCP series captured a 78-100% viewer completion rate. It also significantly exceeded the benchmark for average page views for branded InfoSites.

An unbranded, Spanish language video series on an educational consumer website showed that video viewers were 9x more likely than non-viewers to complete the desired call-to-action.

DHI’s unbranded, educational series captured a significant time-on-site increase with an average view time of 9:40, versus visitors who did not watch a video with an average time-on-site of 1:27. Those who watched the video also viewed more pages per visit (6.34 pages vs. 1.76 pages)

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