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While it’s often considered an “add on”, the truth is health video has earned its place at the center of a modern content marketing strategy. That need can sometimes conflict with practical questions of, “Isn’t video complicated?” and “Can we pull this off?”

Insightful project management helps ease those concerns — and not just with expected timelines. It’s because we champion video as such a core priority to a marketing plan. After all, just 20% of people will read text on a website, compared to the 80% that will watch your video (source). When it’s informed by years of experience, project management keeps a production organized and on-target by making sure key messaging and objectives are communicated; keeping internal teams accountable; and integrating across all brand initiatives and agencies.

We’ve found a unique advantage in each Dramatic Health project manager having an extensive background in film and video. Those hybrid skills come into play identifying interview subjects and ensuring storylines are captured with clinical accuracy and dramatic appeal. We are not only filming a brand and research-aligned main story, but also capturing an immersive, tailored video library for social, sales teams, conferences, and more. Making the most of every production demands early communication and partnership with medical, legal, and regulatory teams; preproduction and work plans that document distribution opportunities; seamless agency partnerships that integrate overarching content marketing plans.

Producing health video under the direction of a flexible, agile project manager can teach client and agency teams how to partner with MLR; streamline and accomplish timely milestones and approvals; achieve fast turnaround editing; make the most of physician and patient’s time; and all together how to scope and deliver high-impact video that is time-and-cost-efficient.

Expert project management is at the heart of health video productions that produce impact and deliver ROI.

Lauren’s background in journalism and media production underlies her rigorous management of efficient video productions that continuously refine best practices, and result in flawless production approvals and time and cost savings for clients. She is a graduate of Boston University Film & Television program. 

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