Watch a special preview of the upcoming Dramatic Health series House Calls: End Of Life

Megaphone: Vol. 4, Iss. 2

Dr. Jessica Israel teaches audiences about how to plan for end of life and why it matters in a new series by Dramatic Health. House Calls: End of Life is being produced in partnership with RJWBarnabas and stars the hospital’s chair of geriatrics.

The full series will drop in Spring 2018.


A powerful new video shares parents’ struggles with raising a child with spinal muscular atrophy

A new video by Biogen features two parents who talk about raising a child with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA). The moving video serves as a reminder to audiences as to why the work Biogen does in SMA is important. Watch now.

Fingernail abnormalities leads patient to lung transplant

Johns Hopkins Medicine’s new video features a real patient who underwent a lung transplant at the hospital. Watch now.

Orthopedic surgery department shines in new video

NYU Langone Health’s latest video features faculty and staff of the orthopedic surgery department.  Watch now.

Success after aortic valve replacement

Northwestern Medicine’s new video promoting their services features a competitive ice hockey player who underwent aortic valve replacement and his return to his hobby. Watch now.

Teenagers thrive because of medical program for youths

NewYork-Presbyterian released a new video that shines a spotlight on its Lang Youth Program, which serves youths who aspire to pursue medical and nonmedical careers. Watch now.

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Want to see more Dr. Israel? Watch the original House Calls: Alzheimer’s Series on HealthCosmos.

To watch the full series click here.

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