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Maybe the expectation is, “Big budget lights, sets and costumes are the gold standard!” Maybe the worry is, “What if a real patient doesn’t do well on camera?” Let’s change the conversation: health video doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated.

The quality that overcomes both is authenticity. If it’s all makeup and scripted storylines, viewers may question the motivation of the people on screen — and maybe even the brands behind the camera.

Human beings relate to others in the same situation. To create the best mirror for a particular production, we’ve brought in cinematographers with experience capturing the hardest places on earth, like Afghanistan. On the other end of the spectrum, we send iPads out for self-capture. It’s whatever is right to bring out the emotion, accurate clinical and dramatic storylines, and honesty.

When choosing real subjects, we pre-interview on Skype. We get to know them well before the shoot. This helps ensure the right person to help establish an environment of trust. And if the human factor does stumble… that’s when Dramatic Health’s 3,000+ productions comes into play. One time, we had a spokesperson suddenly switch to autopilot: she started to answer questions in a rote way. We had the experience to ease her out of her set routine, help her feel most comfortable and at ease, and reveal her genuine self and health journey.

Research is another big part of “keeping it real.” We analyze competitive video to understand how they portray a brand’s qualities and truths. We study and document YouTube comments to learn from the unfiltered likes and dislikes. It’s all about finding that authenticity, to make our client’s health video strategies and productions most impactful and immersive.

Health video isn’t about “expensive” or “complicated.” It’s about people who passionately want to share their story with others like them. They’ve been helped somehow, and they want to relate that to others, to help another person. That’s a priceless, pure magical moment to look through the lens and capture.

Whether behind the camera, managing an edit, strategizing with clients, or recruiting subjects, Tom’s commitment to technical excellence and human interest comes through in every health video production. Tom learned his craft at the New York Film Academy.

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