The Dramatic Health Story

Dramatic Health has produced best-in-class video marketing strategies and productions for over 15 years for pharmaceutical, biotech, clinical trial organizations,  and leading hospitals and medical centers.

The Art and Science of the Interview Guide

Interviewing should give more than “I took this drug and that happened.” It should bring out a person’s journey, one that resonates, and makes the difference. The interview guide from Dramatic Health explores the patient’s landscape to tell their story while adhering to medical, legal and regulatory requirements. Medical writer Kala Paul explains how.

Authenticity is Everything

Maybe the expectation is, “Big budget lights, sets and costumes are the gold standard!” Maybe the worry is, “What if a real patient doesn’t do well on camera?” Let’s change the conversation: health video doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated.
The quality that overcomes both is authenticity. If it’s all makeup and scripted storylines, viewers may question the motivation of the people on screen — and maybe even the brands behind the camera.

Project Management Powers Health Video

While it’s often considered an “add on”, the truth is health video has earned its place at the center of a modern content marketing strategy. That need can sometimes conflict with practical questions of, “Isn’t video complicated?” and “Can we pull this off?” Insightful project management helps ease those concerns — and not just with expected timelines.

The People We Film 2018

Each year we film hundreds of people who face health and wellness challenges.
Our video trailer for 2018, entitled, “End of life”, reflects our commitment to the health and wellness journey, from the beginning to the end.