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Founded in 2005, Dramatic Health is the leading multichannel new health media company.  Based in New York City, the company is comprised of Webby, Peabody, and Emmy award-winning cinematographers, healthcare marketers with decades of digital marketing communications experience, award-winning editors and medical writers, and assigns such roles as “Chief Story Teller” and “Video Curator” to internal talent charged with leading brands into the new health video era.


Dramatic Health has produced over 3,000  videos for leading health brands, hospitals, teaching hospitals, pharmaceutical and biotech companies, patient advocacy organizations, healthcare professionals, and healthcare companies. From carefully researched interviews that elicit targeted educational and marketing messages to interviews with people on the streets of cities throughout the U.S., Dramatic Health lives and breathes health productions that impact behavior.


The convergence of online social media, mobile-device communications, and video technology delivers an unprecedented health marketing and communications opportunity. Contact us today and after review of your video assets, distribution/syndication strategy, and results reporting, we’ll provide you with a roadmap into the new health media era.


Classrooms that teach us about the healthcare professionals and patients we serve.

HealthCosmos.com Dramatic Health’s advocacy marketing classroom, this website, powered by our proprietary platform, builds health communities, such as those focused on Dyslexia, MS, and Prostate Cancer. HealthCosmos connects patients, physicians, nurses, and others with professional and self-captured videos and spawns dialogue that educates and inspires members to share in unprecedented ways.

HealthTheater.com  Features over 2,000 premier health videos available for licensing. Licensing partners include industry leader HealthGrades and NBC Universal. Powered by our propriety system, HealthTheater enables viewer-intent surveys and research on any asset level—research that informs our client productions.






A veteran of health video and online marketing and architect of the company’s focus on health video advocacy, Mr Moloney co-founded Dramatic Health in 2005 with the awareness that video, aided by the rapid spread of mobile devices, would become increasingly important to health educators and marketers. He had previously founded several other digital healthcare marketing communications companies, including HealthCommunities, sold in 2011 to Remedy Health. And he subsequently founded HealthCosmos.com, a subsidiary of Dramatic Health providing a platform for online health video advocacy.


Mr. Moloney regularly delivers presentations at the ePharma Summit and the National DTC (direct-to-consumer) Conference in D.C. on innovations in new health media. Earlier in his career he was a director on the Marketing Innovation team at Pfizer, Inc., where he executed award-winning multimedia campaigns. He has also served as Global eMarketing Director at Pharmacia. He holds a journalism degree from the University of Massachusetts.


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The basic requirement for every production. Down to every particular.[/image_with_text]

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Research-based and data-driven decision-making in planning, production, distribution/syndication.[/image_with_text]

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Honest portrayals rather than advertisements; fundamental for video credibility.[/image_with_text]

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An essential companion to ‘making it real’ in video.[/image_with_text]

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Relentless attention to the economic value of every decision.[/image_with_text]

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Medical, legal, and regulatory compliance. Our flawless record is a point of pride.[/image_with_text]

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Measurement & results. These are the essential quantitative tests, the bottom line.[/image_with_text]