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Production Kit™ Tutorials

Setting up the iPhone®

Connecting the iPhone®

The iPhone® will be fully charged upon arriving.

The passcode to the iPhone® is: 111111

Reminder: The iPhone® will arrive with a bracket attached – make sure to keep it on.

The steps below explain how to get started:

  1. To turn the iPhone® on, simply press and hold the side button located on the top right until the phone turns on. The Apple™ icon will appear on the screen after a few seconds
  2. Once the phone is on, swipe up with your finger and enter the passcode: 111111
  3. Click the Settings icon
  4. Click Wi-Fi
  5. Find your network, select it and enter your network’s password
    • Swiping up on the screen will always get you back to the home screen
    • If the phone is left alone for a few seconds, the screen will go black and you will need to enter the passcode again: 111111
    • Double check to make sure the iPhone® is fully charged when preparing to record