It’s about having a strategy,
not just a video.

Accelerated by tablet computing, smart phones, and smart wear, video is the century’s most powerful medium. For over fifteen years we have been leading and evolving the health video discipline.

We translate research and client objectives into dramatic qualities that reach and impact the behaviors of targeted viewing audiences.

A webpage with a video is 53 times more likely to be on the first page of search results.

–Forrester Research

Evidence-Based Video™

We produce evidence based video incorporating behavioral health science, emotional research, the art and science of documentary film making, and social media insights from multiple brand engagements with the leading platforms.

We are pioneers in the health video space with innovations in creative and medical writing, integration of conversational ISI, and emotional cadence mapping to enhance engagement with calls to action.

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Behavioral Research

We immerse in your category and brand to align the tone and story of your video with patient attitudinal or behavioral segments at key inflection points of learning and decision making along their journey.


Social Media Insights

Our insights foundation ensures Social Media insights into attention span, placement of mandatory copy, and cadence. We also gain new insights into viewers’ health video watching habits from our Dramatic Dialog™ integrated surveys.


Documentary Mindset

Our training in documentary filmmaking informs the way we tell an authentic story that transcends simple story-telling to engage viewers, for greater impact on mindsets and behaviors. This is our Dramatic Arc that guides our production.