Authenticity is Everything

Sean Moloney and Bikers


Maybe the expectation is, “Big budget lights, sets and costumes are the gold standard!” Maybe the worry is, “What if a real patient doesn’t do well on camera?” Let’s change the conversation: health video doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated.

The quality that overcomes both is authenticity. If it’s all makeup and scripted storylines, viewers may question the motivation of the people on screen — and maybe even the brands behind the camera.

Human beings relate to others in the same situation. To create the best mirror for a particular production, we’ve brought in cinematographers with experience capturing the hardest places on earth, like Afghanistan. On the other end of the spectrum, we send iPads out for self-capture. It’s whatever is right to bring out the emotion, accurate clinical and dramatic storylines, and honesty.

When choosing real subjects, we pre-interview on Skype. We get to know them well before the shoot. This helps ensure the right person to help establish an environment of trust. And if the human factor does stumble… that’s when Dramatic Health’s 3,000+ productions comes into play. One time, we had a spokesperson suddenly switch to autopilot: she started to answer questions in a rote way. We had the experience to ease her out of her set routine, help her feel most comfortable and at ease, and reveal her genuine self and health journey.

Research is another big part of “keeping it real.” We analyze competitive video to understand how they portray a brand’s qualities and truths. We study and document YouTube comments to learn from the unfiltered likes and dislikes. It’s all about finding that authenticity, to make our client’s health video strategies and productions most impactful and immersive.

Health video isn’t about “expensive” or “complicated.” It’s about people who passionately want to share their story with others like them. They’ve been helped somehow, and they want to relate that to others, to help another person. That’s a priceless, pure magical moment to look through the lens and capture.

Whether behind the camera, managing an edit, strategizing with clients, or recruiting subjects, Tom’s commitment to technical excellence and human interest comes through in every health video production. Tom learned his craft at the New York Film Academy.

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Project Management Powers Health Video

project management by dramatic health


While it’s often considered an “add on”, the truth is health video has earned its place at the center of a modern content marketing strategy. That need can sometimes conflict with practical questions of, “Isn’t video complicated?” and “Can we pull this off?”

Insightful project management helps ease those concerns — and not just with expected timelines. It’s because we champion video as such a core priority to a marketing plan. After all, just 20% of people will read text on a website, compared to the 80% that will watch your video (source). When it’s informed by years of experience, project management keeps a production organized and on-target by making sure key messaging and objectives are communicated; keeping internal teams accountable; and integrating across all brand initiatives and agencies.

We’ve found a unique advantage in each Dramatic Health project manager having an extensive background in film and video. Those hybrid skills come into play identifying interview subjects and ensuring storylines are captured with clinical accuracy and dramatic appeal. We are not only filming a brand and research-aligned main story, but also capturing an immersive, tailored video library for social, sales teams, conferences, and more. Making the most of every production demands early communication and partnership with medical, legal, and regulatory teams; preproduction and work plans that document distribution opportunities; seamless agency partnerships that integrate overarching content marketing plans.

Producing health video under the direction of a flexible, agile project manager can teach client and agency teams how to partner with MLR; streamline and accomplish timely milestones and approvals; achieve fast turnaround editing; make the most of physician and patient’s time; and all together how to scope and deliver high-impact video that is time-and-cost-efficient.

Expert project management is at the heart of health video productions that produce impact and deliver ROI.

Lauren’s background in journalism and media production underlies her rigorous management of efficient video productions that continuously refine best practices, and result in flawless production approvals and time and cost savings for clients. She is a graduate of Boston University Film & Television program. 

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The People We Film 2018


Each year we film hundreds of people who face health and wellness challenges.

Our video trailer for 2019 (above), entitled, “End of life”, reflects our commitment to the health and wellness journey, from the beginning to the end.

Since our founding, we have been principally guided by our responsibility to tell accurate, emotionally engaging stories and tell them far more powerfully than what words and pictures alone can deliver.

With the release of this series in early 2019, we deliver on this commitment and the responsibility to explore new frontiers, difficult topics, and support caregivers—those by our side when we inevitably move on.

Wishing you all health and happiness in 2019.

Warm regards,

Sean Moloney
CEO | Co-founder
Dramatic Health, Inc.

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Health Video is a Discipline


A combination of factors — expertise, creative and medically accurate storylines, process, and passion — are core requirements for health video strategies and productions that deliver a measurable impact with patients and physicians. Sean Moloney shares the right combination of expert talents to consider for your next health video marketing plan.

Click video to play

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An award-winning executive producer and pioneer of health video, Sean’s background in journalism, marketing and innovation is key to the high-impact productions he has led for some of the word’s largest health organizations, including Bayer, Merck, Novartis, Pfizer, UCLA Medical Center, and the Mount Sinai Hospital System.

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Introducing “Just in Time” Video Services

Capture • Approve • Deliver

Looking to accelerate your competitive edge and leadership via social media? Consider the impact and reach of multi-channel video to establish a meaningful “content rich” relationship with the providers and influencers that are the foundation (and future) of your brand.

Dramatic Health has taken its publisher mindset and journalistic approach to video marketing and created a new model for video content creation. This Just in Time partnership can capture, edit, get approval and deliver smart and engaging short videos in rapid fashion.

Starting with a video assignment, our medical writer develops a customized interview guide. We leverage that for quick capture interviews of pre-established HCPs and experts. From there it’s a 12 hour turnaround to a first edit, ready for posting a rough for MLR review/approval. Final edit follows, and (as needed) handoff to an existing AOR. (In parallel, there’s also the potential for b-roll capture to round out the production value and narrative.) Depending on the client and client needs, the Just in Time timeline can be adjusted between 48 hours and a 1 week turnaround.

We call Just in Time a partnership because it does require pre-planning for the right systems and people to be in place. But with that process comes timely, focused communication in the form of compelling social content that can truly matter to raising awareness and prescribing behaviors.

Learn more

Dramatic Health’s results are unprecedented because health video is our sole focus and passion. Let’s get started focusing on your brand.

To find out how a Just in Time solution can work for you, contact Sean Moloney, CEO & Co-Founder, at 908-432-9604.

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Learn about Clinilabs and its “Culture of Quality”

Megaphone: Vol. 4, Iss. 6

Dramatic Health produced two new videos for Clinilabs that demonstrate the company’s commitment to quality and excellence in the field of clinical development of CNS therapeutics.

The videos were filmed in a raw space in Brooklyn to highlight Clinilab’s location in New York City and featured the use of behind the scenes camera footage to give the video a greater sense of authenticity.

To watch more videos from Clinilabs click here.

What makes an eye institute unique?

In order to promote the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute of the University of Miami Health System, the faculty and staff share their thoughts and opinions for audiences. Watch now.

A heart transplant saves 9-year-old

Michigan Medicine published a new patient story about 9-year-old Maddie. The video shares her moving story while advocating for the importance of organ donation. Watch now.

Video used to show patients what to expect during knee replacement surgery

Using the power of the moving image, Ohio State Wexner Medical Center published a new video aimed to ease concerns for patients expecting knee replacement surgery. Watch now.

Entering its second year, Science Matters continues its mission

4-H and Bayer partnered to create a program that aims to keep children interested in science, technology, engineering, and math. The two organizations published a new video that highlights the program. Watch now.

Man shares his diabetes story

Merck published a new video about a man who was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. The game changer in this video? The subject of the video is the director of Merck Global Market Access. Watch now.

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Learn about a woman’s journey through ovarian cancer in a moving 3-part series by SHARE

Megaphone: Vol. 4, Iss. 5

SHARE recently published a 3-part series about ovarian cancer by Dramatic Health. The short videos follow Annie, a working mother who has been battling the disease for 9 years.

The videos serve to teach audiences about the services that SHARE provides for women like Annie who are dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.



Click here to watch episode 02.

Click here to watch episode 03.

Discover what eosinophilic granulomatosis with polyangiitis is with this real patient story

GSK used a real patient to explain what eosinophilic granulomatosis with polyangiitis (EGPA) is in a new video focusing on rare diseases. Learn what the disease is and what it can do to the body.  Watch now.

A Facebook Live event shines a light on sickle cell disease

Novartis is embracing new social technology to put on a Facebook Live event in which a panel consisting of an expert and two football players discuss and raise awareness of sickle cell disease.  Watch now.

Patients at a children’s hospital share a special thanks to their nurses

The adolescent patients of UCSF Medical Center’s children’s hospital gave a warm thank you to the nurses who care for them in honor of National Nurse’s Week.  Watch now.

Child feels “super” after a new 3D printed bionic arm

A new video by Oregon Health & Science University focuses on a clinical trial, which brings the power of 3D printers to cutting edge medical science. Watch as a child shares how a 3D printed arm has changed his life.  Watch now.

Active surveillance helps man live a surgery-free life

Learn why active surveillance can be as beneficial as surgical intervention in a new video by Johns Hopkins Medicine.  Watch now.

Featured Story

Sean Moloney of DHI spoke at the Digital Health Coalition East Coast Summit with special guest, Tricia Brown of Merck.


Read a snippet of their important panel. Click here.

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Sean Moloney (DHI) and Tricia Brown (Merck) Speak at DHC East Coast Summit

Read a snippet of the panel

Dramatic Health CEO & Co-Founder, Sean Moloney, and Merck Executive Director of US Marketing, Tricia Brown, hosted a Fireside Chat to discuss the Increasing Critical Role of Health Video with Brands and Organizations at last week’s Digital Health Coalition East Coast Summit at Sanofi.

Continue reading “Sean Moloney (DHI) and Tricia Brown (Merck) Speak at DHC East Coast Summit”

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Health Video Strategy 101: Maximize Engagement & Impact

Health Video Strategy 101 is an ongoing column by the staff of Dramatic Health in order to teach our readers about some of the important lessons Dramatic Health has learned in its 15 years of developing health video. This week learn why maximizing engagement and impact is crucial to your media strategy.

Continue reading “Health Video Strategy 101: Maximize Engagement & Impact”

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Learn the realities of clinical trials in new videos produced by Dramatic Health

Megaphone: Vol. 4, Iss. 4

Clinilabs just launched three new testimonial videos produced by Dramatic Health.

The videos serve to teach those interested in participating in clinical trials performed at the medical center.

Click here to watch more videos.

Meet one of a hospital’s designated “Grandma Cuddlers”

NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital published a new video that shines a spotlight on Joan Hart, a volunteer “grandma cuddler.” Watch as she explains how she became involved with the hospital and why her services are so important.  Watch now.

Patient thanks a transplant surgeon

In a new video for Vanderbilt Health, a two-time transplant patient and his wife deliver a thank you to his surgeon. The inspiring story features interviews with the surgeon, patient, and his wife.  Watch now.

Chris Pratt loses at foosball to a children’s hospital patient

Leading man Chris Pratt visited the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. In a fun new video by the hospital, he plays a thrilling game of foosball against a child who was able to defeat the Guardian of the Galaxy’s Starlord.  Watch now.

A family ravaged by hepatitis B raise awareness in the Philippines

Gilead highlights its partnership with the Hepatology Society of the Philippines to raise awareness of the hepatitis B epidemic plaguing the country.  Watch now.

Coping with scleroderma

Boehringer Ingelheim published a video focusing on a patient who is living with scleroderma. Watch as he shows how his electronic bike and 3D printer has helped him cope with his condition.  Watch now.

Featured Story

Dramatic Health now offers interactive video.

See it in action. Click here.

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