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Promote specialities and sub-specialties. Feature your leading physician. Reach high-quality applicants in building residency programs. Deliver important educational  information to new patients.

Dramatic Health videos reach patients on clinical and emotional levels and lead them to action. High-impact, emotion-eliciting video featured on your medical practice website and curated across social media increases search-engine rankings, to exponentially expand your reach and generate referrals for your speciality and sub-specialty areas of care.

Showcase Leadership

With Dramatic Health’s video education and marketing expertise, your specialty departments are able to demonstrate strengths, generate unprecedented levels of confidence and trust, and build reputations on a national and global scale.

To promote disease specialties and sub-speciality expertise and care, Weill Cornell Pathology partnered with Dramatic Health to tell a story centered around their leading physicians, state-of-the-art-facilities, and improved outcomes.

Showcase Residency Programs

Dramatic Health’s residency video series will generate awareness among medical schools and associations, attracting high-quality candidates on a national and global scale.

Weill Cornell Pathology turned to Dramatic Health for a new, improved approach to video, for a 10X increase in viewership.

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