Impact, reach, & results

To promote a department or a residency program, or to give information to new patients, video is now the essential vehicle.
Videos shown on hospital websites and placed on social media
boost search engine-rankingsand
increase patient and physician referrals, as well as medical tourism.

Dramatic Health videos touch patient emotions, engaging audiences, prompting action.
• Compelling narratives in documentary style
• Evidence-based production
• Distribution for widened reach
• Results reporting

DHI’s hospital videos have been watched 6x more compared to those produced by competitors

Show Leadership

More powerfully than any other medium, Dramatic Health’s leadership videos
• strengthen the department’s brand
• build confidence and trust in it
• display its strengths
• expand its internet presence and reputation.

Spotlight the Residency Program

A web presence is no longer enough. Dramatic Health’s residency spotlight videos can generate nationwide awareness among medical schools and associations, attracting high-quality candidates.

Custom Series

Work with the Dramatic Health to design your own video series, to meet your department’s specific goals. Our team of long-experience health-video pros will help plan, write, design, distribute, and monitor your videos to educate and engage your audience and build community trust.

With health videos, as with medical treatments, repeated success with the procedure is the best assurance of success. Professional expertise pays off.

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