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Hospital and medical school websites demand video that educates and inspires in order to maximize their reach and impact in the competitive healthcare markets they serve.

Whether promoting a specific department, residency program, or providing informational tools to potential new patients, video is the key component in boosting search engine ranking and ultimately, patient and physician referrals.

Dramatic Health has served prestigious hospitals and medical schools, such as Mount Sinai and NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical College, producing documentaries and webisodes featuring compelling real patient and physician stories,  innovative surgeries and medical developments, and advancements in medical research and technology.

Retention rate for visual information can reach 65% vs 10% for text-based information.


–E-Commerce Video Benchmarks Report: Q2 and Q3 2013. Invodo

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The Dramatic Health Video Marketing Strategy Workshop™

What you’ll learn

  • Preproduction and production processes of premier video productions
  • Anchoring video series topics and formats in your goals and objectives
  • eROI and KPI based production decision-making
  • Reaching your target audiences through health video syndication and distribution marketing strategies
  • The role of customer submitted videos alongside premier productions
  • Video asset management and video advocacy applications
  • Video embedded surveys and pop-up call to action banners
  • The critical role of video data collection and viewer analysis
  • eROI and KPI based production decision-making
  • Monthly results reporting

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    Health Video Strategy

    Driven by evidence based research, customer segmentation insights and brand objectives, these premier, award-winning productions increase message impact and recall target audiences, and generate results for brands

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