March 2021 Webinar
How authentic health video drives ROI
(and wins awards!)

Healthcare marketers can establish meaningful connections with target audiences to drive positive ROI through high-impact Virtual Capture health video while optimizing constrained budgets.

In order for these connections to happen in a way that drives brand demand, your video narratives need to be authentic and emotionally compelling.

Seeing is believing.

Join Sean Moloney, CEO and Tina Sampath, VP of Pharma Strategy for an insightful and timely webcast to learn how we are partnering with brand teams and agency partners to produce better health video in 2021.


  • Real world case study featuring an award-winning video series produced by Dramatic Health in collaboration with multiple agency partners including the novel methodology used to measure ROI
  • Real world video critiques produced by our team for current and future clients, highlighting opportunities for optimizations informed by best practices and syndicated market research
  • Key learnings from producing Virtual Capture health video during the pandemic in 2020
  • Health video models of engagement for agency partners and healthcare marketers


Let’s discuss how we can co-produce together.

Sean Moloney

CEO & Co-founder


Tina Sampath

VP, Pharma Strategy


Lauren Wiegand

Senior Director, Health Video Strategy & Productions


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