May 2021 Webinar
We are all patients
A Live Q&A With Sean Moloney

In 2014, the founder of Dramatic Health became the subject of his own work.

Before self-capture was as prolific as it is today, Sean started capturing his own story throughout his journey with a rare cancer nearly a decade ago. Little did he realize, self-capture would become a common form of documenting health journeys across the leading organizations in healthcare that Dramatic Health serves today.

This Live Q&A session with Sean is not about PowerPoint slides, but a real life discussion with the architect of the health video discipline, and most importantly, a patient.

Together, we discussed the roots of great health video, where we are today, and where we are headed with the convergence of self-capture, virtual capture, and on-set filming in pursuit of the most authentic, impactful, and research driven health video strategies and productions.


Let’s discuss how we can co-produce together.

Sean Moloney

CEO & Co-founder


Tina Sampath

VP, Pharma Strategy


Lauren Wiegand

Senior Director, Health Video Strategy & Productions


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1 thought on “May 2021 Webinar
We are all patients
A Live Q&A With Sean Moloney

  1. Thank you for the informative webinar. Few questions:
    A. Sean mentioned a Release. Is this a legal doc giving Dramatic Health permission to film?
    B. Have you had cases where a patient’s condition worsens and they want to stop filming themself? Or family member wants to stop? Must be tricky to balance.

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