Megaphone: Health Video Headlines | Vol. 1, Issue 3

NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital releases “inspirational” music video featuring patients and staff of their children’s hospital

NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital released a music video that features patients and staff dancing and lip-syncing “Ten Feet Tall” by Afrojack and Wrabel. The Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital is the video is New York’s top children’s hospital and the hospital is using the video to show “amazing things are happening here for kids.”

The video is a touching tribute to the young patients and shows a lighter side of the medical field. Watch now.

Pfizer releases video highlighting their dedication to partnerships with advocacy groups.

Pfizer uses video to highlight their partnerships with the Michael J. Foxx Foundation for Parkinson’s Research and JDRF, Type 1 Diabetes Research Foundation. In “Bringing the Best Minds Together,” scientists from Pfizer explain how collaborating with advocacy groups and organizations has allowed them to make breakthroughs in research. Watch now.

New Jersey health insurance website enhances content by incorporating oral health videos

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey has begun to use video for their dental health page. The videos are used to educate its viewers about taking care of their smiles. The videos teach preventative techniques and information about common procedures. Additionally, the site has a section for pediatric dentistry, and videos aimed for that demographic. Click here to learn more.

Hospital for Special Surgery releases a promotional video showcasing its neurology team

The Hospital for Special Surgery released a video that introduces its viewers to the hospital’s neurology department. The video features interviews from the department chairman and three patients, each suffering with a neurological disorder and participate in clinical research trials at Hospital for Special Surgery. Watch now.

Cleveland Clinic uses video to attract students, residents to their medical education program

The Cleveland Clinic Education Institute showcases its state of the art facilities and program to attract new students and residents. The video is used to show how the Education Institute oversees many world-class training programs. Watch now.


Featured Video

The Patient Testimonial

The patient testimonial is a staple in health video. Testimonials from real patients, with positive outcomes, provides peace of mind when patients might be anxious about their healthcare. According to a survey by Insivia, 90% of consumers find videos helpful during the decision making process.

Dramatic Health has refined the testimonial video by incorporating Dramatic Health’s signature “portrait shots” and utilizing our extensive collection of b-roll. Our techniques elevate testimonial videos to make them stand out from the typical talking head format seen on many sites.



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