Megaphone: Health Video Headlines | Vol. 1, Issue 5

Mayo Clinic utilizes user-generated content to promote its Patient Care Assistant (PCA) program

Mayo Clinic published a new video that features Courtney, a PCA for the hospital. In the video she explains her journey to becoming a PCA and how Mayo Clinic helped her in making the decision. Watch now.



Novo Nordisk publishes a behind-the-scenes video with Team Novo Nordisk for the 2015 Post Danmark Rundt

Novo Nordisk published a behind-the-scenes video featuring user-generated content by Chris Williams, team leader of Team Novo Nordisk. In the video Chris shows the audience how the team prepares for such a big race. Watch now.



Boehringer Ingelheim and Lilly release patient-focused video about diabetes and cardiovascular disease

Boehringer  Ingelheim and Lilly, a pharmaceutical company, released a moving patient-focused video advocating awareness in the connection between diabetes and cardiovascular disease. The video utilizes a real patient’s story with captivating b-roll and powerful factoids interspersed throughout the video. Watch now.



NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital develops a video for kids to prepare them for surgical procedures

NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital published a new video specifically targeted towards children to prepare them for any upcoming surgical procedure. The video uses whimsical music and bright colors to educate and ease any child’s concerns. The video is encouraged to be watched by the whole family. Watch now.



Local urology group publishes four new videos about urology in an ongoing educational web-series

St. Pete Urology, a urology group in St. Petersberg, FL, published four new videos in their ongoing web series about urological health. The videos cover a range of topics from the pros and cons of internet research to kidney stones. Watch now.



Featured Video

HealthCosmos – User Generated Health Video

In late 2014 Dramatic Health launched HealthCosmos and began the health video revolution. Using the site’s easy to navigate menus, users are able to upload and share their personal videos to educate, advocate, and inspire. Dramatic Health believes that user-generated content is the next frontier in health and pharma marketing. Learn more about HealthCosmos by clicking here.



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  • Video asset management and video advocacy applications
  • Video embedded surveys and pop-up call to action banners
  • The critical role of video data collection and viewer analysis
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