Megaphone: Health Video Headlines | Vol. 1, Issue 6

Dramatic Health publishes a multicultural health video series

Dramatic Health creates authentic, indigenous productions capturing story lines based on research. We have on staff a multicultural creative and strategic team so that we can capture these stories authentically and in their language. No voice over, no closed captioning. Watch now.



Memorial Sloan Kettering continues their “Science Saves More Lives” campaign with a new video

Memorial Sloan Kettering continue their “Science Saves More Lives” series. The most recent chapter focuses on John and his experience with lung cancer. The short video was directed by award-winning filmmaker David Gelb. Watch now.



UCLA Health publishes a patient testimonial about premature birth

UCLA Health published a new patient testimonial. The video is used to emphasize the life saving work being conducted at the Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA. The story focuses on “Mateo,” a child born at 28 weeks. Watch now.



Novartis offers audiences a peek into the Genomics Institute

Novartis published a new video that gives audiences a look inside the Genomics Institute of the Novartis Research Foundation. The video highlights the researchers’ use of new technology including robotics and automation developed at the institute in the pursuit of drug discovery. Watch now.



Sanofi releases a short documentary about the T1D Challenge

Sanofi has published a new video documentary that follows the T1D YOUTH Challenge team as they hike the Samaria Gordes in Crete. Sanofi Diabetes, SWEET and World Diabetes Tour are cooperating together to advocate the importance of the management of diabetes during adolescence and early adulthood. Watch now.



Texas dentist uses video to promote local practice

Crosby Family Dental in Texas released a new video to promote the practice. The video features the owner, dentists, staff, and patients. Read more.



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  • The critical role of video data collection and viewer analysis
  • eROI and KPI based production decision-making
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