Megaphone: Health Video Headlines | Vol. 2, Issue 2

UCLA Health shares a child’s inspiring cancer story 

At 8 years old, after being rushed to the ER, Kenny Thomas was diagnosed with stage three non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Kenny and his parents share with audiences Kenny’s treatment at Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA. Watch now.



Memorial Hermann celebrates life with a moving video featuring cancer survivors and staff

Memorial Hermann Cancer Centers published a video featuring cancer survivors and staff. The video offers a behind the scenes peek at the fun activities held by the hospital to keep people’s spirits up while using patient testimonial to validate the hospital’s work. Watch now.



Massachusetts General Hospital shares a patient’s complicated pregnancy to promote its heart center

Massachusetts General Hospital released a patient-focused video featuring Courtney, a woman with a history of cancer who has a weakened heart because of her treatment. The video shows how the medical team of Massachusetts General Hospital’s Women’s Heart Health Program ensured the safe delivery of two of Courtney’s babies. Watch now.



GE Healthcare uses medical professionals’ testimonials to showcase a new medical device

GE Healthcare uses medical professionals’ testimonials to promote their new critical care ventilator, the Carescape R860. The video stars the German doctors who were the first in the world to use the device in a real world setting. Watch now.



Amgen releases a three part series about cancer and their dedicated research

Amgen published a new three part series about cancer, comparing it to a parasite. The video is intended to promote the company’s dedicated work in researching new treatment options in cancer. The series has high production value, using lots of CGI graphics to show its audiences their work at a simulated molecular level. Watch now.



Featured Video

Garden OBGYN Welcome Video



Read more about Garden OBGYN’s entire video series. Click here.



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