Megaphone: Health Video Headlines | Vol. 2, Issue 1

NewYork-Presbyterian follows a patient through her walk on role at the Radio City Christmas Spectacular

Gabby Mansour was diagnosed with a rare disease that caused her leg to break and not heal. Her parents brought her to NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital where she’d undergo nine orthopedic surgeries. The video follows Gabby as she talks about her disease, recovery, and her passion for dancing as she takes the stage with the Radio City Rockettes for her walk on role. Watch now.



Johns Hopkins Medical Students receive a lesson from a 7-year-old girl

7-year-old Ellie McGinn has a rare genetic disease that affects her mitochondria. While learning about mitochondrial disorders, Johns Hopkins medical students are taught firsthand by Ellie and her father. Watch now.



Mount Sinai Hospital releases a case study in correcting Pectus Excavatum

Mount Sinai pioneered the use of the “Nuss Procedure” to correct Pectus Excavatum, a fairly common congenital deformity of the chest wall. The video features Dr. Andrew Kaufman, Chief of Thoracic Surgery for Mount Sinai Beth Isreal, and his patient, Brian Reyes. Watch now.



Novo Nordisk asks “What inspires you to change diabetes?”

Novo Nordisk released a video featuring the company’s US employees and patient ambassadors, asking them, “What inspires you to change diabetes?” The subjects were limited to using 3 words. Watch now.



The American Psychological Association releases video about whole-person psychological care for the geriatric

The American Psychological Association published a video about the physical and psychological challenges for aging individuals. The video showcases Jacobi Hospital’s unique, integrated approach in geriatric care in which physicians are accompanied by psychologists when treating patients. Watch now.


Featured Video

This issue’s “Featured Video” is a submission from Megaphone Reader, Bryan B.

“Health care has become a popular punching bag despite the tremendous life-saving service it provides. In Lawrence, KS, there’s a health clinic ignoring the status quo and its methods are nothing short of revolutionary. This film is turning the tide of negativity by revealing the generous heart that beats inside medical professionals and reminding them they make a life changing difference. What’s more, we all need a reminder that “it’s not about me” and that somehow, when you live for others, it mysteriously fills you up.

Thanks for your submission, Bryan. If you have any videos you’d like Megaphone to share with our readers click here.


Fill Up. Pour Out. from Resonate Pictures on Vimeo.



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