Megaphone: Health Video Headlines | Vol. 2, Issue 10

Duke Health uses video to help us get to know their doctors

Duke Health is using video to add to their physician profiles so that current and future patients can learn more about their treating physicians. Each physician has a biographical video that adds to the About Me section of their profile.  Watch now.



Cancer Treatment Centers of America launches “Integrative Cancer Care: What I Wish I Knew” video

Cancer Treatment Centers of America launches a new video called “Integrative Cancer Care: What I Wish I Knew” featuring real cancer patients who share their experience with cancer treatment, and what they wish they knew when starting treatment.  Watch now.



Supporters of KiDS of NYU Langone can see the difference their support makes in new video

A new video from NYU Langone Medical Center features the pediatric patients and families of KiDS of NYU Langone, and how the help from supporters of the program makes a difference in their care and treatment.  Watch now.



GSK partners with Bone Marrow Donor Programme and Conjunct Consulting to find bone marrow for those in need 

GSK published the video “Brainstorming for a better tomorrow” to show how they are partnering with the Bone Marrow Donor Programme and Conjunct Consulting in Singapore to find donors of bone marrow for patients in need. Watch now.



Johns Hopkins Medicine shares Tammy’s Story about “Bloodless Medicine”

Johns Hopkins Medicine shares a real patient story about Tammy, who had an aortic valve regurgitation. After struggling to find treatment, her surgery was finally performed at Johns Hopkins without the use of a blood transfusion.  Watch now.



Featured Video

“Using Social Skills with Autism in the Future.” Andrew explains how media has helped him improve his social skills.



Follow Andrew on HealthCosmos. Click here.



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