Megaphone: Health Video Headlines | Vol. 2, Issue 13

Vaccine guru advocates for prevention in timely new video

Pfizer published a new video featuring Bill Gruber of the the company’s vaccine research & development department. Using historical and personal anecdotes, the video promotes the company’s efforts in vaccine developments while educating about their importance.  Watch now.


To mark Scelroderma Day, Boehringer Ingelheim releases powerful new patient story

Boehringer Ingelheim published a new video to mark Wold Scleroderma Day featuring Ilaria, a woman diagnosed with systemic sclerosis. In the video she talks about her diagnosis, symptoms, and new way of seeing her life, adding a hopeful spin to others who could be suffering with the disease.  Watch now.


Bayer’s new video shows its audience it’s more than aspirin

Bayer published a new promotional video targeting US consumers’ misconception that the company only makes aspirin. Bayer boasts its commitment to innovation and investment in the United States.  Watch now.


Cleveland Clinic surgeons save micro-preemie

Cleveland Clinic released a new patient story focusing on the harrowing tale of a girl at 1lb. 13oz. with a heart condition, Tetralogy of Fallot. Her parents recount how the medical staff of Cleveland Clinic helped them during this trying time.  Watch now.


Doctors explain why torn ACL treatments in girls is different

Duke Health’s new patient video stars soccer-playing twins who both tore their ACL at age 14. Using the two girls as a case study, Duke Doctors are able to show how years of treating women for torn ACLs has created a new standard of care.  Watch now.


Featured Video

“Garden OB/GYN – Alison’s Story”

Watch the full series on Garden OB/GYN. Click here.

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