Megaphone: Health Video Headlines | Vol. 2, Issue 15

A woman chronicles her life with dementia in gripping series

After writing a deeply personal editorial for, Gerda Saunders decided to document her life after being diagnosed with dementia. In the newest episode, published by VideoWest, Gerda goes to the doctor and receives her first dementia evaluation in three years.  Watch now.


Learn what makes a weight loss and wellness program succeed

Mayo Clinic published a new video to promote the Mayo Clinic Weight Loss and Wellness team. It introduces all the medical professionals who help patients achieve their goals.  Watch now.


Meet an advocate who has seen the NICU both as a mother and a nurse

Johns Hopkins Children’s Center introduces us to one of their nurses, LeeAnn. After seeing her daughter in the NICU she was inspired to become a nurse and now has become a patient advocate.  Watch now.


A young man shares his multiple sclerosis story for Novartis’ #MuseumOfMS

Novartis’ new series, #MuseumOfMS, collects real patients’ stories and their experiences with multiple sclerosis. In the latest entry, we are introduced to Vraj, a young man who decided to still be himself after his second relapse of MS.  Watch now.


Gilead publishes a new video boasting its funding in the fight against HIV/AIDS

To mark its success with funding HIV/AIDS programs, Gilead released a new video that features two grateful organizations.  Watch now.


Featured Video

Living with Hypothyroidism: Maggie’s Story


Watch more videos about hypothyroidism. Click here.


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