Megaphone: Health Video Headlines | Vol. 2, Issue 16

Watch medical students take their oath in new 360° video

Using 360° technology, Harvard Medical School published a new video showing its Class of 2020 take their hippocratic oath on the 2016 White Coat Day.  Watch now.


A patient shares his adult congenital heart disease story

A 16-year-old boy discovers he has a hole in his heart after returning from volunteer work in Haiti. He finds treatment at Massachusetts General Hospital and now share his inspiring story.  Watch now.


Learn about polio and the role Eli Lilly and Company plays in stopping it

Eli Lilly and Company published a new video featuring historical footage about the history of the polio vaccine and the pivotal role the company plays in its manufacturing.  Watch now.


AbbVie boasts about its “Employees’ Impact”

AbbVie released a new video featuring various employees of the company from around the world as they share why they find fulfillment working with the company.  Watch now.


The CDC advocates for sepsis prevention

The Centers for Disease Control released a tragic video featuring a family who lost their son to a sepsis infection in an effort to raise awareness about how simple infections can turn deadly if left untreated.  Watch now.


Featured Video

ART Prostate Cancer Series: Meet Dr. Ash Tewari




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