Megaphone: Health Video Headlines | Vol. 2, Issue 4

A Hollywood Stuntwoman faces her greatest challenge in Johns Hopkins Medicine newest video

A Hollywood stuntwoman shares her experience facing a brain tumor and recounts her journey from diagnosis to treatment. The video focuses on Johns Hopkins’ neurosurgery department, emphasizing a patient’s decision to travel across the the country for a life changing surgery. Watch now.



Vice President Joe Biden visits Duke Health

As part of Vice President Joe Biden’s Cancer Cure Initiative he visited Duke Health. The video captures the momentous occasion while boasting their innovations, research, and dedication to curing cancer. Watch now.



The “only person on Earth” to survive two extremely rare diseases shares his story for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

Noah is the “only known survivor” of two extremely rare diseases; diamond blackfan anemia and osteosarcoma. His family sought treatment at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles in order to save his life. Watch now.



Using creative sciences and unconventional tools Amgen dedicates itself to treating pain

Amgen released “The Passionate Pursuit of Nav 1.7,” a web video that showcases the pharmaceutical’s research in Nav 1.7. The video shows how researchers have gone to unusual lengths to explore the power of Nav 1.7, including designing peptide based on tarantula venom. Watch now.



Gilead HIV employees participate in LifeCycle 2015

Gilead Sciences employees participated in the annual AIDS LifeCycle ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles. The video captures some of the participants’ thoughts on why they’ve dedicated their time to raising money and awareness in the fight against HIV. Watch now.



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