Megaphone: Health Video Headlines | Vol. 2, Issue 6

CoorDown asks its audience, “How do you see me?”

CoorDown, an Italian Down Syndrome advocacy group, released a powerful new video starring actress Olivia Wilde. The video is narrated by AnnaRose, a 19-year-old from New Jersey, a full time college student with Down Syndrome. She “only wants to realize her potential and live a meaningful, beautiful life.” Watch now.



A patient recounts her high risk pregnancy and care with Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Jenny, a patient of Brigham and Women’s Hospital, expected a normal, healthy pregnancy. However, she suffered from placenta accreta. In the new video released by the hospital, she shares her story, urging women to seek care at the hospital when they face a high risk pregnancy. Watch now.



A new cancer treatment center offers hope to a community in a new video by UCLA Health

A new video by UCLA Health focuses on Jay, a man diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. The video provides UCLA an opportunity to promote its new state-of-the-art facility while providing hope to potential patients. Watch now.




Johns Hopkins Medicine uses video to attract applicants to its gynecologic oncology fellowship program

Johns Hopkins Medicine published a new video to attract new applicants to its F.J. Montz Gynecological Oncology Fellowship Program. The video stars the program’s director and co-director, offering interested parties a behind-the-scenes peek of the program while offering a path to a promising career. Watch now.



To fight diabetes in Brazil Eli Lilly and Company turn to video

Eli Lilly and Company released a short documentary that follows a family in Brazil after a child was recently diagnosed with diabetes. The online video is being used to showcase the company’s new efforts in teaching Brazilians about the disease with an educational video program. Watch now.



Featured Video

Noah Greenspan – 5 Components of Pulmonary Wellness



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