Megaphone: Health Video Headlines | Vol. 2, Issue 8

Excedrin asks its audience, “What does a migraine feel like?”

GSK used special goggles to simulate what migraines feel like for their new Excedrin Migraine Experience. Four regular sufferers of frequent migraines had one friend or member of their family volunteer to experience what a day with migraine feels like. The volunteers experienced blurred visions, sensitivity to lights, and more. Watch now.



A patient shares his experience with a new home dialysis machine

Tim Evans suffers from renal failure and now administers home dialysis for his kidney disease. In a new video from Baxter International, Tim speaks to his experience with the company’s new machine and how it’s changed his healthcare. Watch now.



Duke promotes its Diet and Fitness Center and its life changing results

Duke released a new video to promotes its Diet and Fitness Center. The video stars John, who entered a program at “close to 300 pounds.” With Duke’s Diet and Fitness Center he was able to change his life and reflects on how his health journey. Watch now.



Dallas prepares for a new Hope Lodge

The American Cancer Society published a new video to aim a spotlight at its newest endeavor, the Dallas Hope Lodge. Blending interviews with local cancer patients, medical professionals, and even the building’s architect, the video inspires hope to cancer patients in the Dallas region. Watch now.



Johns Hopkins Medicine releases a powerful video to showcase its Center for Addiction and Pregnancy 

Johns Hopkins Medicine published a new video to showcase its Center for Addiction and Pregnancy which treats the children of mothers who took drugs while pregnant. The video stars real life patients Krystele and her five-year-old daughter Dani. Krystele talks candidly about her addiction and the positive impact the center has had on their lives. Watch now.



Featured Video

Garden OB/GYN: Tricia’s Story – Five Amazing Children



Watch the full series. Click here.



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