Medscape TV premieres “Young and Exposed,” produced by Dramatic Health

Megaphone: Vol. 3, Iss. 7

Medscape TV premieres Young and Exposed, produced by Dramatic Health

Medscape TV released the first of a three-part series about meningitis, Young and Exposed. The series was produced by Dramatic Health and filmed on location at the Baylor College of Medicine.  Watch now.


Native Americans reject commercial tobacco to reclaim traditional tobacco in documentary

American Public Health Association published a powerful new documentary. The short film follows Wisconsin locals who are fighting commercial tobacco in the Native American community.  Watch now.


MMA fighter shares his patient success story

Professional mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter, Chris Weidman, dealt with lateral menisci issues since high school. He finds treatment at Hospital for Special Surgery and shares his success story.  Watch now.


PE teacher postpones retirement because of hospital’s intervention

Elementary school PE teacher had been troubled with hip pains for many years and considered retiring as a result. Memorial Hermann Southeast Hospital helped relieve him of his pain.  Watch now.


Doctors use polio to kill cancer cells

A young woman diagnosed with glioblastoma finds success in a bold new technique engineered at Duke Health.  Watch now.


9-year-old serenades viewers with her “Fight Song”

9-year-old bone marrow transplant recipient, Sofia, sings “Fight Song” as part of UCSF Medical Center’s music therapy program.  Watch now.


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