The Power of Licensing Health Video

The average internet user has already watched at least one online video today. The internet is becoming a viewing medium. Is your site keeping up with the trends?


Creating videos for your health company might sound very intimidating. When distributing health content, publishers want to make sure the information is correct and medically accurate. The content has to be easy to understand for the average viewer. And, most importantly, the content has to maintain your audience’s attention.


As a company that has specialized in the production of premier health video for over a decade, Dramatic Health is an authority on the topic. And as such, we offer a cost saving solution to get approved, high quality health content to your site. Video Licensing.


Video licensing takes all the hassle out of producing original video content while maintaining the benefits of SEO optimization. Here are three reasons your organization should consider licensing:


Enhance Your Website

Adding video to your website creates engaging content for your site’s visitors. Online video has been proven to generate more traffic and yield longer visits.


Video can deliver easy-to-understand health information to your patients, and provides greater message recall. It’ll keep users coming back for more content.


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The Pain of Self-Hosted Videos

With tools like iPhone and iMovie its never been easier to create content. However, many fail to recognize the importance of quality filmmaking and audio capturing. And, most often ignored, where to host videos.


Web video files are often times large in size, easily going over 100 MBs for a video that’s 2 minutes long. It will quickly drain your site’s storage space and bandwidth.


When you license content for your website, not only are you licensing dynamic content for your consumers, but you’re saving yourself the hassle of self-publishing.


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A Greater ROI

Perhaps you’ve wanted video on your website for some time now. However, you know that hiring a production company isn’t in your budget at the moment. That’s when licensing premier health content is a great solution.


Licensing content for a nominal fee allows your company to save money while driving traffic to your site and boosting referrals. Then you can turn those savings into an original health video production.


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Dramatic Health Video Licensing



Dramatic Health can help

Whether you are looking to expand your marketing and communications video portfolio instantly or are looking for something more custom we have hundreds of premier health video episodes delivered by a state-of-the-art application in English and in Spanish.


Dramatic Health offers a broad range of health topics such as:

  • COPD
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • OB/GYN
  • Parkinsons Disease
  • Pathology
  • Mental Health
  • And many more.


Dramatic Health helps licensees maximize viewer engagement and revenue potential. Our library offers numerous series and is updated regularly. Search and license now.

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