Presenting “Coping with COVID-19,” a new production by Dramatic Health

Dramatic Health is proud to announce the launch of our new Coping with COVID-19 educational video series. Across several 2-3 minute segments, we interview world- renowned physicians, researchers, pulmonary specialists, and patients (one of which is both a leading pulmonologist and COVID-19 diagnosed patient) who have rebounded from this unprecedented viral infection, all filmed using Dramatic Health’s Virtual Capture model. 

Videos focus on the following subject areas and themes:

Coronavirus-19: Facts

First, physicians answer the most commonplace questions about COVID-19: When was it first detected in the United States? How is it different from the seasonal flu? Do I really need to wear a mask? What are the benefits of antibody testing? We believe a more informed public is a healthier public. Dr. Louis DePalo of Mount Sinai’s Respiratory Institute and Dr. Noah Greenspan of the Pulmonary Wellness & Rehabilitation Center share their expertise. 

The Patient Experience

Dramatic Health videos tell narratives that illuminate patients’ journeys. When news media coverage focuses largely on the rising death toll, people are in need of reassurance that COVID can be treated and managed. Interviewees’ firsthand accounts can serve as an example for current patients and doctors looking for the right approach to treatment. One patient, Mara Gay, describes her journey to Dr. Greenspan: her symptoms, recovery, and the lessons she learned from the experience. Another recovering patient, Dr. Karen Stavile, shares the insights gained “When the Doctor Becomes the Patient”.


Underlying health conditions increase a person’s risk of COVID, and people who live with chronic respiratory conditions (COPD, emphysema and chronic bronchitis) are at risk for developing a more serious case. In our Coping with COVID series, Dr. Robert Kaner explains what COPD patients need to know about preventing COVID.

This timely series is a must watch! In times of uncertainty and fear, as the data and facts change daily, it is critical that the public has access to clear, accurate, and timely health information from experts. Health communications have never been more important. We believe disseminating facts and combating misinformation can help reduce the spread of COVID-19, and ultimately improves outcomes for those affected.

The series is executively produced by Dramatic Health in association with The Pulmonary Wellness Foundation. The full series is now streaming on HealthCosmos.

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