Sean Moloney (DHI) and Tricia Brown (Merck) Speak at DHC East Coast Summit

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Dramatic Health CEO & Co-Founder, Sean Moloney, and Merck Executive Director of US Marketing, Tricia Brown, hosted a Fireside Chat to discuss the Increasing Critical Role of Health Video with Brands and Organizations at last week’s Digital Health Coalition East Coast Summit at Sanofi.

During Fireside Chat – The Increasing Critical Role of Health Video with Brands and Organizations Sean and Tricia discussed and answered some of the industry’s most pressing questions, including:

  • What are the qualities brands look for in order to increase the importance of health video?
  • Is health video limited to consumer audiences, or does immersive, narrative video reach and impact HCP audiences as well?
  • What is the future of health video?


Read a portion of the transcripts below.

Sean Moloney: Tricia Brown, thank you for joining me today. We have spent three years innovating health video with Merck. I Look forward to taking everyone through that. I think we spend a lot of time looking at the productions and where they are delivered. Looking at the numbers. I thought it would be important to sit down and tell you a story about how Trish and I got to accomplish what we have in the past few years. I think it’s a story about innovation as much as it is about video … and of course the two go together because I think what used to be a nice to have — “video” — is no longer just a nice to have. It’s important we get it right. Tricia, you came to us with a real priority and I thought it unique at the time when there was so much talk about numbers and strategy and promotion. Your principle was content – great content – and making it better. That’s really where we started. If you can give a bit of commentary on that principle of content.

Tricia Brown: I think you have to have to talk through that something worth doing is worth doing well and it takes a long time to do it. So trying to educate your brand teams and say … it’s going to take a long time. You have to plan for this and the sooner you can plan for this the better – even prelaunch for a product. Working with your clinical development team to identify the right patients – who are not just the right patient type but who are going to be good spokespeople and able to share their story eloquently. That’s an advantage if you can do it earlier.

Sean Moloney: Eighty percent of the consumers recall the video they watched the past in the past 30 days – it sticks with them. Of that 80 percent, 46 percent take some action. I think that goes well beyond words and pictures alone. I think video fits into a broader content marketing strategy. I think we can also agree that we have been focused on the process to create video as much as we have been on the end production. We finesse that process. There have been challenges – and there have been some wins. One of the things I’m most proud of is how we have been able to work with medical and legal teams. What is that like? What do I not see when you’re working with them to get them to wrap their arms around innovation. In our case, better video content.

Tricia Brown: I think we have to think very strategically about video. It’s a powerful – powerful medium. We’ve done some good things – we need to do a lot more. We need guidance on how to do it well. We need to be on the top of cutting edge things like interactive video. We need to bring education into the organization. We to help brand marketers understand it and do it well. We need to not have it be a tactic but have it be a really incremental part of your communication strategy.

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