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Production Kit™ Tutorials

Setting up the Ring Light

Setting up the Ring Light

The light stand should be put together on the floor.

Attaching the Ring Light to the Stand

  1. Turn the lower tension knob counterclockwise to allow mounting to the light stand.
  2. Once mounted, turn the knob clockwise to secure the connection, but do not overtighten. 
  3. The angle of ring light has already been set but can be adjusted if desired. To do that, loosen the higher tension knob and position to the desired angle. Retighten the knob, but do not overtighten.

Powering the Ring Light

  1. Make sure the AC power supply and power cord are connected as they might have disconnected during transport
  2. Plug the AC power supply into the AC receptacle on the back of the Ring Light
  3. Insert the power cord into a standard wall outlet.
  • Use the extension cable for additional slack

Mounting the iPhone®

The iPhone® will arrive with the bracket mount already attached. The next step involves screwing the bracket mount to the “Goosneck arm” that is located in the bottom center of the ring light. 

  1. The Gooseneck Arm may have bent during transport, so make sure to adjust if the phone is crooked
  2. Once the iPhone® has been mounted, double check to ensure the iPhone®’s screen is facing you.

Operating the Ring Light

  1. Once the iPhone® has been mounted to the ringlight and you are ready for the interview, press the double-line (II) side of the power selector when using the AC power supply to power ON
  2. Turn the dimmer knob clockwise to adjust the intensity of the light
  3. The intensity of the ring light should be anywhere between 15% to 25%