The People We Film | 2019


Each year we film hundreds of people who face health and wellness challenges.

Our video trailer to guide us into 2020 (above) reflects our commitment to the health and wellness journey on International frontiers. The trailer is entitled, “The C3 U.S.-Arab Summit Series” and reflects the critical importance of medical care and research partnerships that leave geographical, political, and cultural differences in the wake of the uniting forces of cures, new treatments, and the sharing of clinical trial outcomes data—the root of medical discoveries and prevention.

Since our founding, we have been principally guided by our responsibility to tell accurate, emotionally engaging stories and tell them far more powerfully than what words and pictures alone can deliver.

With the release of this series in early 2020, we deliver on this commitment and the responsibility to explore new frontiers, difficult topics, and form unifying partnerships with international  communities of patients, physicians, and their families.

Wishing you all health and happiness in 2020.

Warm regards,

Sean Moloney
CEO | Co-Founder
Dramatic Health, Inc.

Of special note: Thank you to Cook Children’s Medical Center for their support and sponsorship that provided us with the opportunity to partner with the C3 Us Arab Summit. Without their support this opportunity would not have been possible.

Additional Videos from the C3 Summit

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