Health Video Strategy 101: Authenticity Matters

Health Video Strategy 101 is an ongoing column by the staff of Dramatic Health in order to teach our readers about some of the important lessons Dramatic Health has learned in its 15 years of developing health video. This week learn why authenticity matters.

Authenticity matters. That’s why more pharma is moving towards filming real patients.

Paul D’Arcy, senior vice-president of marketing at Indeed, wrote for The Guardian about how using real people can make a difference in a marketing campaign.

(T)he most effective brand campaigns build an emotional connection. There is no better – and arguably more credible – advocate for your brand than someone who is actually using your product. Human emotion is a foundation for engagement, and as we move further into the realm of digital, brands are increasingly expected to harness the ability to spark a conversation across a variety of channels and enable campaigns to “live” on social media.


In pharma marketing, some brands have ventured out into filming real patients for their marketing campaigns.

Dramatic Health has been filming real patients for over a decade. Our approach includes seeking out people who are passionate about sharing their health journey, from diagnosis to successful treatment, in the hope that their story inspires others like themselves who are seeking information and guidance.

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