The Lives We Film | 2020


Over the past 17 years we have filmed thousands of people who face health and wellness challenges at their kitchen tables, in their backyards, at their doctors’ offices and in their hospital rooms.

Last December, I described our work and year-end trailer as reflecting the “critical importance of medical care and research partnerships that leave geographical, political, and cultural differences in the wake of the uniting forces of cures, new treatments, and the sharing of clinical trial outcomes data—the root of medical discoveries and prevention.”

This year, we turned off the set lights in patients’ homes and physicians’ practices. And while we’ve left our studio, our work continues.

We knew we had to revolutionize, not just evolve. We reached out to healthcare workers on the frontlines and found a way to capture their stories to educate and inspire other healthcare workers and their patients. Our Virtual Capture model was born.

Our year-end trailer is dedicated to all the lives lost this year. To their families, friends, and everyone they touched, we mourn with you. May this trailer also send a message of hope and inspiration to everyone – there are better times ahead.

And while collectively we will never be the same again, we’ll find a way to see a brighter light at the end of this dark tunnel and run through it.

“…change from him they knew – only more sure of all I thought was true.” – Robert Frost “A Boy’s Will”, 1913


Wishing you all health and happiness in 2021.

Warm regards,

Sean Moloney
CEO | Co-Founder
Dramatic Health, Inc.

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